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A Zyked grin was a means of torture and disfiguration found among criminal elements in the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob, and later in the Golden Empire. When applied to a being with a mouth, usually a humanoid, the attacker would cut the victim's cheeks open from mouth to ears; the resulting scars after healing would give the appearance of an unusually broad smile. A particularly brutal variant was to dislocate the victim's jaw, allowing it to hang down against the throat.

The technique was named after the Zykeds, a species of reptilian sentients native to Deshad, and their ability to (naturally) open their mouths to twice the height of their own heads. The Nightside Raiders leader Feng-Ku, himself a Zyked, was notorious for using the technique on anyone who resisted his crew's attacks.

Behind the scenes

The Zyked grin is a deliberate reference to the Glasgow smile.


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