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Zexi 'Nrahom, known as Zexy by her lover, was a female Zerahian born on the Outer Rim world of Zerah in 162 BBY and served as Royal Supreme Admiral of the Royal Navy for the Royal Federal Navy in 85 BBY until she was casted out in 53 BBY for falling in love with another female and according to the Gods and Goddess of Zerah, it was a great dishonour to their species.

Later in 24 BBY, she became an early member of the Confederate Navy and was an expert in ship-to-ship due to the Zerahian Civil War that broke out on her homeworld years ago before being casted out, and was infamously known for her brutal strikes against Republic starships during the Clone Wars.

Sometime before the Galactic Civil War, she was approached by a droid duo who were carrying a message for her by Princess Leia Organa and recruited her into the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Zexi 'Nra'hom was born into the service of the Royal Federation of Zerah and at the age of 16, she started to practice her formalities for the Navy and had ignored all males of her race to avoid being distracted. Her parents were both Emperor and Empress of the Royal Federation of Zerah for decades, but were assassinated when Zexi was 8 which was hard on her but it also gave her strong motivation to practice harder for the things that her parents left behind.

Later when she was of age, she was told that since she was the only child of Zerah's Emperor and Empress, she was the Heiress and therefore was supposed to be the Empress of Zerah but she didn't want the title nor the throne so she gave it to her aunt and uncle afterwards all she wanted from her uncle and aunt, after they were the newly crowned Empress and Emperor of Zerah, to be made the Royal Supreme Admiral of the Royal Navy and her request was granted and was given command of the ZNSS Allegiance of Honour and the Zerahian Defense Fleet.

She later became close to another female, Shaxa 'Zosam, and became lovers of one another a few years later. With Zerahians being humanoid, they weren't able to have children of their own but that didn't bother the two as much and because of their love to each other, it was a great dishonour to the Gods and Goddesses of Zerah, resulting in both of them being casted off Zerah and to never return or they would be executed.

Confederacy service Edit

After being casted out by her own species, she and Shaxa had made their way to the Outer Rim world of Tatooine and together they would live there for a few years until 24 BBY when the Count of Serenno Dooku had found out about her past life and contacted her to become an Admiral in the Confederate Navy. Zexi accepted the offer and said that Shaxa was going to come along as her personal assistant.

Later during the Clone Wars, she and Shaxa were known for brutal strikes against the Republic Navy starships by almost every known member of the Republic and the Jedi Order. As an Admiral of the Confederater Navy, she was given command to a Providence-class carrier Allegiance of Honour and had fought and destroyed over sixty starships of the Republic Navy. Whenever she and Shaxa were off duty, they spent their time together alone and always talked about their future as well as their homeworld.

When the Separatist Council was killed on Mustafar, she and Shaxa disappeared into the Outer Rim and remained off the grid. Nothing else is known about her and Shaxa's whereabouts.

Alliance service Edit

She was recurited into the Alliance Fleet by a droid duo and recontinued her service into the Alliance's campaign against the Galactic Empire.

Personality and traits Edit

Zexi took things seriously and never really had a sense of humor, but only towards Shaxa whereas Shaxa would make jokes about certain things and she would laugh along with her. She always was serious about her position as Royal Supreme Admiral of the Royal Navy when she was given the title and during the Clone Wars, she stood menacingly to strike fear into the droids that were in her command as well as give off an impression of being an anger-like figure of other species when they looked upon her.

When Shaxa and Zexi were alone together, Zexi would, at times, be romantic towards her and would often compliment on how good and beautiful Shaxa looks as it would often get Shaxa to blush and Zexi thought that she was cute in when she was.

She would also often be mistaken for an extremely rare purple-eyed Chiss during the early years of the Galactic Civil War and so on by those whose seen a Chiss.

Appearances Edit