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The Zeison Sha were an order of Force-sensitives who devoted themselves wholly to telekinetic combat. Their weapon of choice, the discblade, was controlled telekinetically. The Zeison Sha were intense rivals with the Jedi Order, as they felt they had been abandoned by them in the past. In 36 ABY, when the Purists attacked Yanibar, the Zeison Sha Warrior Vinsek Ty called the Jedi Rangers for help after his daughter, Annowa Ty, was killed by the Purists. The Rangers helped the Zeison Sha fight the Purists, and Jaina Solo proved herself to be a skilled combatant with he discblade. The Zeison Sha were grateful to the Rangers for their help, and this helped mend the rift between the Zeison Sha and the Jedi.

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