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The Zao tenj War was a devastating inter-galactic war between the Sith Order of Decreto and the Zao tenj during the early 240's ABY. The war marked the beginning of the end of the isolation of the galaxy from inter-galactic affairs.


Following the death of Darth Krayt, in the year 189 ABY, the Sith once again found themselves divided. Although Krayt’s ruling had secured the reign of his successor; Darth Wyyrlok, many Sith saw him as unsuitable for the throne, saying that his reliance on secrecy and subterfuge was not what the Empire required in order to survive.

Wyyrlok, determined to remain in power began upon a series of expansive movements which, if successful would see the Sith Empire expand beyond the known galaxy, and into the void of space. So began, the Sith expansionary campaign.

Originally a series of campaigns against many of the galaxies smaller, orbital, domains. By the early 240’s ABY, the Sith had reached the nearest of the major galaxies. The former Yuuzhan Vong galaxy.

There they found something they were not expecting at all. A race of technologically advance humans who were undaunted by the colossal Sith warships that faced them.

It would not be until the year 246 ABY that the war would actually begin.


In the year 246 ABY the Zao tenj launched a full scale invasion of the Decreton Empire at two points. The first, Hardpoint One; a small planetoid on the edge of the galactic disc, was successfully defended against by the Dark Lord Wyyrlok. The second was not however.

At the battle of Chuck's drift the Sith fleet under the command of Tai painj was soundly defeated by the invaders, leaving much of the galaxy open to the Zao tenj. For the next six months the Zao tenj would swarm over the Outer rim capturing planets each day until none remained, save Korriban. The Sith knew it was only a matter of time until Korriban itself was attacked.

An unlikely allianceEdit

In a strange twist of fate, the Zao tenj War would see the Jedi and the Sith become allies (in name at least) at the battle of Hardpoint One.

Known battlesEdit