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Golden Age of the Republic

Zallen Fraajic was a Telosian politician who served as senator from Telos during the tenures of Rosock Mekosk and Anwis Eddicus as chancellors. He was a robust partisan, who became senator in 720 BBY. With Servius Valorum of Coruscant, he helped found the informal faction called the Probitas pro populus. His efforts helped break up a voting bloc that attempted to turn trade regulation over to the Commerce Guild in 707 BBY. It was 702 BBY, however, when Fraajic was brought into secret meetings with Chancellor Eddicus during the Seswenna Security Crisis to discuss how the situation should be handled.


Early senate career

Fraajic's political career began as the head of the opposition group within the Telosian parliament, backing more autonomy and debunking the idea that Telos was indebted to the Core Worlds for the planet's reconstruction over three thousand years earlier. As opposition leader, he sought to promote Telos and strongly espoused planetist views. In 720 BBY, his political alliance on Telos gained control of the parliament, and Fraajic was selected to serve as senator. Attempting to lessen his partisan stance, Fraajic reached out to his political foes to embrace all Telosian views. Over time, however, Fraajic continued to promote Telosian planetism and stood strongly against Core-minded individuals who attempted to consolidate power Coreward. In the Galactic Senate, he held fast to partisan politics, believing that Telos was best served by its regional partners than the Republic as whole. This view notwithstanding, he allied himself with Servius Valorum of Coruscant, who was in like mind, and together established the informal Probitas pro populus political faction.

In 707 BBY, Fraajic was part of a group, led by Senator Anwis Eddicus of Taanab, who broke ranks from other traditionalists and opposed the takeover of the interstellar trade regulation by the Commerce Guild. As the de facto leader of the PPP at this time, he helped garner additional support for Eddicus's cause. Fraajic almost jeopardized his career, however, when he threatened secession in private meetings. Eddicus and Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor were able to quell the fiery Telosian and prevent him from making such threats in Senate Hall proper. Over the next five years, he resumed his regular anti-Core planetist stance and was regarded as a stalwart of that view.

Seswenna Security Crisis

When the Seswenna Security Crisis began to unfold with the death of Senator Hanik Regueny in 703 BBY, then-Chancellor Eddicus brought Fraajic into his inner circle once again. Fraajic was one of three senators who were actively kept informed of the situation, as well as discussions with the Jedi and the Governmental Investigative Network, who was leading the investigation. Fraajic was brought in, in part, to provide a different perspective—one that was needed to have insight into a secession-minded planetist plot that was appearing to unfold.

Personality and traits

Fraajic was a fiery and robust individual who often spoke out as a devout planetist. While he was generally a level and even gentleman, he had a temper and was very passionate about his beliefs. On one occasion, this drove him to even call for Telosian secession when Core-minded individuals threatened to shift trade regulation power to the Commerce Guild. He was easily calmed, however, by his close acquaintances.

Behind the scenes

Zallen Fraajic was created by Aban Fiolli as another senator in the Golden Age of the Republic series. His first appearance is in the second novel, Secret Agendas. The character's name is derived from the user Jorrel Fraajic's fanon creation, and the name was used with permission. Originally, the planned name for this individual was Naytov Fraajic, but this was rejected as the given name was planned to be used for another character in the Golden Age series.


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