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Your courage will be your downfall. You are over-zealous, and eager for action.
Zakdav Marthus to Xandedga Thornhold

Zakdav Marthus was a Sith during the Old Republic era. He was trained by Sith assassin Darth Ekkage and was pursued by Xandedga Thornhold, who knew the extremists he had killed to receive his title. Thornhold wanted Marthus to see the evil in his actions, and was rejected. He was ultimately killed by Xandedga seeing he would not change and would become a threat to the Republic. He wielded two red Lightsabers, a showcase of his power and ambition. Some consider him to be more of a Dark Jedi than a Sith.


Early lifeEdit

Zakdav Marthus was born on Chandrila in 3709 BBY to an Imperial soldier and a ChandrilTech worker. While his father was serving the Sith Empire, Zakdav remained home with his mother to help her with assembling droid parts. When his father was home, he would learn of how to be an Imperial trooper and would be sent to the military academy. A Sith caught him and sensed the dark side in him. He was taken and trained as a Sith assassin for the Sith Empire at a young age. He would use these skills to kill his friend's family, who were extremists at the time.


Zakdav was trained under Sith assassin Darth Ekkage on Korriban. During this period of training, he received news his old friend from Chandrila and his family had turned extremis on the side of the Republic. He went out to seek them, and found them. When he confronted them, he wasn't accepted very well. He was shoot at, and immediately took an offensive. He swiftly killed his opponents with ease. He later returned to Korriban to receive his full title. He later went on to seek out and eliminate other extremists and political enemies of the Sith Empire. When confronted by Xandedga Thornhold on Hoth, he knew this would give him


Marthus's death came during the Battle of Hoth in the Great Galactic War at the hand of Xandedga Thornhold. Xandedga wanted Marthus to find the evil in his doings, and when Marthus rejected him, Xandedga could sense a threat in him. Knowing what he must do, Thornhold drew his saber and engaged in a fight with Marthus and Marthus was countered by a Djem So move Thornhold had designed to combat Marthus' favorite finishing move.


Xandedga did not take pleasure in taking this life, but for the security of the Republic it had to be done. Marthus knew to some degree he would be his worst enemy, and this happened when Xandedga confronted him about returning to the light.

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