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A measuring stick for the insecure personal power has always been.
—Yoder Gree

Yoder Gree was an anisodactyl born in 321 BBY on an unknown planet. He was discovered on Kashyyyk by Otah, his Jedi master. He became Grand Master of the Jedi Order circa 250 BBY. During his time prior to the Coo-Neo Crisis, he trained future Jedi Masters Mason Quarrell, Anon Sel-Kerris and Pup Kickto. A poll of many contemporary Jedi revealed that Mason and Pup were considered to be two of the most powerful Jedi the Order had ever produced. Furthermore, historians described them as his most notable apprentices. However, Anon Sel-Kerris was deemed to be one of the worst Jedi examples in their entire twelve millennia history due to his conversion to the Sith. All three would eventually serve next to Yoder on the Jedi Council at some point in time.

Yoder was renowned around the Republic for his sage advice, especially in times of great need. The Jedi and politicians—such as Magnum Rockwater—sought out Gree for his advice. He loosely accepted the theory of the Chosen One and that a young Corellian boy was the person of Jedi lore. He supported the decision to send Scott Borek to face his brother Zell Coo-Neo. He was the presiding Grand Master during and after the Coo-Neo Crisis and Great Galactic War.


Early yearsEdit

Otah: “How long have you been living here, little one?
Yoder Gree: “Three rotations around that light in the sky, I would say.
―Otah asking Yoder about the duration of his stay on Kashyyyk

Gungan Jedi Knight Otah discovered Yoder Gree on Kashyyyk in 312 BBY. Nine year old Gree had been living with the Wookiees for "three rotations"—three years—after his family's freighter crash–landed on the forested planet; he was the only survivor of the crash. Due to his strong Force potential he was taken to Coruscant for training by the Gungan, in lieu of remaining an orphan among the Wookiees. In 300 BBY, he was knighted and took an unidentified Padawan as his student.

Grand Master Gree and his apprenticesEdit

Dark side, powerful it is. Makes blind these eyes.
—Yoder to his apprentices

Gree's performance record as a trainer and moderator, as well as his ascension to Jedi Master in 270 BBY, precipitated his rise to Grand Master. He was deemed worthy of the Order's highest chair after he completed the training of his third apprentice. Officially elected after the previous Grand Master's death in 252, it was nearly two years later that he first formally sat as the highest–ranking Jedi; he was seventy–one standard years old. He also became the first Grand Master from his species.

Approximately two hundred standard years later, Yoder took a Bothan apprentice named Anon Sel-Kerris. Although Gree was successful at instilling some Jedi values, he had difficulty trying to flush out the Bothan's darker habits and prejudices. Other Jedi perceived Anon as arrogant and believed he had a very snooty personality and aura. Furthermore, a small contingent of Jedi assumed that Yoder struggled cleansing Anon of his flaws because of the long layoff between apprentices—citing rust and being out of touch with modern day training. Years later, Yoder's apprentice unofficially achieved the rank of Master of the Order, second–in–command to Yoder.

In 62 BBY, Gree took on an apprentice named Mason Quarrell. The young Mason developed a close friendship with his master and his deference toward Yoder allowed him to learn quickly. Upon Quarrell's eighteenth birthday, he was promoted to Jedi Knight and became the youngest Knight Yoder ever trained. He eventually rose to the rank of Senior Jedi Master on the Jedi Council and surpassed Sel-Kerris as the second most powerful Jedi politically and Force–wise. Mason was named the official Master of the Order shortly thereafter.

Finally, a few standard years later, Yoder began the training of his final individual apprentice and the final one in a line of Jedi Councilors. The apprentice was a Nautolan named Pup Kickto. Kickto was just as eager to learn from Yoder as his celebrated predecessor once was. The Nautolan had become a master swordsman under Yoder and a skilled negotiator. Kickto was knighted at age twenty-one.

The Corellian kidEdit

Impossible is irrelevant, if hope you have.
—Yoder disserting a Jedi maxim
Yoder looking up

Yoder Gree in a meeting with a fellow member of the Jedi Order.

Yoder Gree retired from training any apprentices on an individual level after Kickto passed the trials. He focused on his duties as the Grand Master and he trained classes of Jedi Initiates and ineligible Padawan learners. When a young boy from Corellia was brought to the Temple for training by Jedi Master Will-Tye Ford, he declined to train what appeared to be the most powerful initiate in recorded history—potentially. He felt it was unwise to train an individual Padawan and neglect his leadership duties since the Republic was becoming increasingly turbulent, even if the apprentice was the Chosen One.

He had advised Mason Quarrell, his most trusted and experienced associate, to train him. Mason refused on the grounds that boy's future was too dangerous and he was not ready yet. Yoder felt that Quarrell was best equipped to take on this task but he did not press the issue, sensing that Mason was slightly jealous of the boy's potential. He gave the job to Ford, whom discovered the boy.

Coo-Neo CrisisEdit

He was one of the few members on the Council to fully support the notion of sending Scott Borek off to confront his adoptive–brother Zell Coo-Neo. Gree believed that Borek could handle himself against Coo-Neo and that Borek was the Chosen One. When the young Knight returned, he believed that Borek was right in his assessment that Coo-Neo was a Dark Jedi and agreed to send the Jedi to Telos IV to confront him one last time.

Great Galactic WarEdit

Gree was the presiding Grand Master of the Jedi Order at the start of the Great Galactic War. He served as one of two Jedi on the advising council to the Supreme Chancellor and the War Department.

Personality and traitsEdit

Yoder was perhaps most well-known by his peers for his unique syntax when speaking. He would often place the object before the subject in Object-subject-verb fashion. Aside from his peculiar speech pattern, he was known as a practical joker—akin to his master—among his colleagues, especially the younger Jedi.

Outside of the Jedi Order, Yoder was renowned for being a wise and candid being; politicians loyal to the Order often came to him for guidance. A student of the Force, he spent the majority of his free time meditating and attuning himself with the entity. He often waxed philosophically about the Force and contemplated the "Will of the Force" and its nature. Yoder enjoyed sparring with his fellow Jedi in lightsaber combat, usually to their defeat, and teaching younglings the fundamentals of the Force and Jedi life. He did harbor feelings of guilt and failure for any Jedi that chose to leave the Order or turn to the dark side. Yoder felt that it was due to his inability to guide that Jedi adequately that they swayed from the path. His disposition on the matter hit hardest when his own pupil, Sel-Kerris, abandoned the Order.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Yoder was born with strong Force potential. Upon the completion of his training, his power in the Force was observed to be stronger than every Jedi bar that era's Grand Master. That fact, along with his impeccable early training record, made him the obvious choice—in the eyes of his contemporaries—to become the next leader of the Order. His power would increase incrementally until one hundred and fifty years of age when it started to level out and he took an interest in meditating to maintain his strength. By that time, he had become the most powerful Jedi in the entire history of the Order.

Due to his power and his interest in studying and meditating, he was extremely proficient in manipulating the Force. He had the ability to manipulate objects as massive as a starship or troop transport and could deflect offensive Force powers like Force lightning, Force drain and Force crush. As a steady practitioner of the lightsaber forms and because he lived for centuries, he achieved mastery in the various styles of lightsaber combat and earned a reputation as the Order's most formidable duelist. He struggled to maintain an optimistic viewpoint and disposition during times of personal guilt, which manifested when Jedi he led abandoned the Jedi mission. He noted that his guilt clouded his judgment and created uncertainty in his own abilities, although he was adept at hiding it from others. Mason Quarrell would take up leadership until Yoder felt he was prepared to guide the Order well. Despite being a master for several hundred years Yoder acknowledged that no one was immune to the effects of the dark side, he strove to persevere through it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Yoder greatcare

The computer generated Yoda used in place of the iconic puppet Yoda.

Yoder Gree was created by fanon author I'm the Chosen One. The character takes his likeness from the original Star Wars character Yoda. Along with his appearance, Yoder's personality and speech patterns resemble those of the original character. Yoder's last name is an homage to the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith character Commander Gree, who is the author's favorite clone. The computer generated Yoda from the prequel trilogy was used instead of the puppets shown in the original trilogy because the author felt the CGI Yoda looked more realistic and portrayed a more realistic character.

Yoder was created to serve as the guiding force for the Chosen One and to keep him on the light side path. He is also meant to be the mentor of Borek, since he had no "Master" to help him post–Knighthood because of Ford's death and Alec Prime's inability to fulfill the role.