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The Yevethan Warfleet was the naval branch of the Yevethan Protectorate, and it's successor, the Yevethan Empire. During the existance of the Yevethan Protectorate, Supreme Yevethan Kai Spaar held complete control over the Yevethan warfleet, with the Yevethan Military merely coordinating their movements, until the foundation of the Yevethan Empire.



The Yevethan warfleet was the naval branch founded in 141 ABY out of the remainder of the Duskhan League vessels, including the Aramadia-class thrustships and the D-type trifoil fighters. The Yevethan warfleet held control over all the naval assets of the protectorate, including defense garrisons and offensive forces. During this time, the Yevethan warfleet was under ultimate control of Supreme Yevethan Kai Spaar, which wanted to personally govern the naval movements.

Yevethan Protectorate service

The Yevethan warfleet was extensively used during the war against the Galactic Alliance Remnant over the Koornacht Cluster. The warfleet served as major component of the Yevethan Protectorate at the time, essentially fighting most battles without the Yevethan Armed Forces. The warfleet would remain to be extensively used even in the concluding of the war.

Yevethan Empire service

Following the reorganization of the Yevethan Protectorate into the Yevethan Empire, the warfleet remained an active military component of the organization, initially managing all the naval assets following the days after the formation. The warfleet would however be no longer under direct control of Yevethan Emperor Kai Spaar, and rather be official part of the Yevethan Military as one of it's main branches.



The Yevethan warfleet was composed of a multitude of ranks, each serving their own purpose. The lowest rank one could have assigned was the rank of captain, which ment being a captain of one ship in a fleet of one of the higher ranking admirals. The rank of captain was followed by the ranks of captain grade II and captain grade III, each of which allowed one a larger vessel to command.

Capital ships


Intimidator-class Destroyer

The Intimidator-class destroyer was extensively used in the navy.

The Yevethan warfleet favored sizable ships combined with powerful armory and weaponry over speed, which resulted in the construction of the Intimidator-class destroyers, and the larger Harrower-class battlecruiser. The Intimidator and the Harrower-classes were among the most-used warships of the Yevethan navy, ending up in almost any Yevethan warfleet. These ships were often combined with ships from the smaller cruiser line, or even frigates form time to time. Even though the Yevetha had several defense fleets, these ships were rarely part of them, for their roles were often filled by smaller vessels. These vessels were often compared to the Star Destroyers of the Galactic Empire, even though the Yevetha refrained from using that classification.

Cruisers and frigates

File:Impenetrable-class Cruiser.png
Most of the Yevethan warfleets were backed by various cruisers or frigates, most notably using the Impenetrable-class cruiser, which composed a larger portion of the Yevethan Protectorate and the Yevethan Empire. Another such example was the Conqueror-class heavy cruiser, which was often fielded during sieges against enemy strongholds. The Conqueror-classes were often sent in to breach enemy positions and destroy enemy strongholds, including Space stations. The Gladiator-class assault frigate was another ship often found in Yevethan navies. These ships were often used for patrol duties on the borders of Yevethan space, as well as the backbone of a few smaller fleets.


Yevethan fleets were in first instance composed of upgraded D-type trifoil fighters during the first years of the Yevethan Protectorate. During the reformation into the Yevethan Empire however, new starfighters were manufactured, including the Eclipse-class starfighter, the Lighting-class strike fighter and the Imperious-class striker bomber. These three fighters were often found in stationary position in the hangars of many starships, mainly the Yevethan ships. The Eclipse-class would serve the role of multi-purpose starfighter, whereas the Lighting-class would serve the role of air superiority fighter, set to destroy enemy starfighters, with the Imperious-class serving as a bomber against enemy ships and strongholds.


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