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Chiss era

The Yevethan Empire was the successor government of the Yevethan Protectorate in the aftermath of the Coruscant incident. Supreme Yevethan Kai Spaar set the government up in the Koornacht cluster in 143 ABY.


The Yevethan Empire was founded in 143 ABY by Kai Spaar, following the assassination of Gar Stazi over Coruscant. Using the old assets of the Protectorate, the Empire quickly expanded beyond the Koornacht cluster. Following the Yevethan assassination, Darth Cyrus made an effort to ally the Yevetha.

While Darth Cyrus had not initially planned to ally the Yevetha, their assassination of the Galactic Alliance Rmnant leader swayed him. On the other hand, he could not risk Kai Spaar taking up arms against him. Kai Spaar on the other hand, was interested in this alliance, and eventually the Yevethan Empire joined Dark Reach. Subsequently, the Yevethan Warfleet became available to Darth Cyrus.

Following the declaration of war between Dark Reach and the newly-founded Federation of Free Planets, the Yevethan Empire was part of many battles between Dark Reach and the Federation. Arguably most of all client states of Dark Reach, excluding Cyrus' own forces.


The Yevethan military continued from the Yevethan Protectorate, with all assets later used by the Empire. The military was divided over two major different groups, the Army and the Navy, both of which served their own strategic purpose. Both of these formed the bigger Yevethan Military for a large part.


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