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Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Galaxy Exiles. Caution is advised.

Yepto Kees
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78 BBY


25 BBY

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1.9 metres

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Rise of the Empire era

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Nefas Pax (as Dark Jedi)

I believe I only do what I do to study, but others think of me as an evil madman. It all depends on your perspective.....
—Yepto Kees to Goroth Hekalv

Yepto Kees was a Cyrillian Jedi who left the Jedi Order in 37 BBY to experiment with Sith alchemy. Yepto went on to further research on his home planet Cyrillia. He eventually came in possession of a spaceport and used it as a base for his activities. Yepto was approached by fellow Dark Jedi Nefas Pax in 26 BBY, who asked for training in the dark side of the Force. Ten months after Nefas Pax met him, both Pax and Yepto were being hunted down by Jedi Goroth Hekalv and Lydia Bale. Desperate trying to have both Pax and bounty hunter Tethes Volmur kill the Jedi, Yepto was eventually killed by the pair.


According to Jedi archives, Yepto Kees was taken to the Jedi temple from his home planet Cyrillia in 77 BBY at one year of age. He trained as a Jedi knight, but disappeared in the year 37 BBY. Many of those who knew him assumed Yepto had died. However, Yepto had left the Jedi Order in order to practice and research Sith alchemy.

Yepto decided to stage the bulk of his research on the planet Cyrillia. There he developed a taste for gambling. In 34 BBY Yepto won a spaceport off a local businessman. Yepto used the profits the spaceport provided to finance his work, as well as to buy a team of security droids to make sure his work was secret. In 32 BBY Yepto learned how to use Sith lighting.

In 26 BBY, Jedi Padawan Nefas Pax found Yepto and begged him to teach him in the ways of the Force so he could kill his Jedi mistress, Eliwir Karzarg. Yepto agreed, and for ten months, he taught Nefas all he knew of the dark side, including the art of creating Force lightning.

In 25 BBY Yepto finally let Nefas kill Eliwir. Nefas tried to track her down, slaughtering many innocents to find out information. On the planet Pengalan IV Nefas was seen by Jedi master Goroth Hekalv and his apprentice Lydia.

Yepto decided to act quickly. He told Nefas to concentrate on capturing one of the Jedi—preferably Lydia. Nefas succeeded, capturing Lydia. He took Lydia to the bounty hunter Tethes Volmur on Zeltros, shortly before Nefas was assaulted by Hekalv. Tethes took Lydia to Yepto, who held her hostage. Eventually Nefas made it back to Cyrillia with Hekalv still at his heels.

Yepto decided that Nefas was more than a match against Hekalv. He used Tethes Volmur to lead Hekalv to his spaceport where Yepto was holding Lydia hostage. There Yepto planned to have Nefas attack Hekalv, then have Tethes to shot Hekalv while he was distracted. However, while on Zeltros, Hekalv met up with Eliwir Karzarg. Nefas had not mentioned that, which complicated Yepto's plans.

When Tethes led Eliwir and Hekalv into Yepto's spaceport Yepto panicked and immediately set Nefas upon the pair. Nefas duelled Eliwir and Hekalv in an intense fight. After a minute of fighting Hekalv stabbed Nefas through the chest, killing him.

Yepto then gestured to Volmur to grab Eliwir. Yepto took hold of Lydia and threatened to kill her or Eliwir if Hekalv didn't agree to stand down. Eliwir sensed an opportunity, and smashed Volmurs visor before taking his weapon and shooting Yepto in the face, killing him.


During the Clone Wars Eliwir Karzarg theorised that Yepto may have been working for Count Dooku, but Mace Windu said this wasn't true, as Yepto had been independent. Lydia Bale also mentioned Yepto Kees, saying to members of the Reranshaw gang that she had fought an "Sith lizard man who had tried to kill her" once in order to prove she was capable of joining them.

Personality and traitsEdit

Yepto was said by some Jedi to have a perilous hubris, and his thirst for knowledge was worrying. Indeed, it was Yepto's interest in the Sith that drove him to leave the Jedi council. Yepto was also to have been said to be calm, a direct contrast to Nefas violent rages. Eliwir Karzarg said that Yepto was also said to be "more of a thinker than a fighter", and said that was the reason why Nefas hadn't been detected by the council for so long.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Yepto Kees was added into Galaxy Exiles because the author thought that Nefas should be brute force, he should have someone pulling the strings. Originally Yepto was to be a human named Iriku, but the author wanted a more unique character. Yepto's appearance is based off an Argonian from the Elder Scrolls series, more precisely a mage named Beem-Ja in The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim. This name is pronouced Yep-toe Keys.