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Yazil Sayakaz was a male Elecrian officer who served the government of Elecria at the period prior to the beginning of the Clone Wars. He remained loyal to the Senb'An'Tiin Confederacy until he decided to join the separatists.

Early life

He spent almost all his life on Elecria. His parents were of the local nobility, so he was sent to the University of Anarmar together with his brother and two sisters. The latter became a scientist and a writer, and as for his brother, he became the main engineer of Elecria city.

And Yazil would apply for a military academy. Though Elecria did not have any soldiers at its disposal, he became a military officer, and later a commander of the Elecrian Defense Forces.

He was also present at the peace conference in Naijil, Uthel, when the terrorists tried to attack the participants of this meeting. He wanted to know, who was behind all this, and was infuriated, when he learned, that the Confederacy stopped the investigation.

Being a revolutionary

During the crisis around Anarmar in 31 BBY he persuaded the Elecrian authorities not to be involved in the conflict. He said, that "the issues between Prolla and Anarmar should not interest the Elecrians".

Sayakaz also proposed a petition, to ask (in a diplomatic way) the Planetary Assembly to rescind the paragraph of the old agreement, that prohibited the creation of the Elecrian army. However, such an act was not approved by the Elecrian Administration.

It was after the conflict that he joined the Elecrian revolutionaries, that wanted the independence for their country. Very soon he was declared the leader of this movement. During those times Yazil also met a strange droid, that somehow was supporting the organization, and called himself ZID-17. For several years Sayakaz was receiving orders from his mysterious masters.

Joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems

In 21 BBY a Dark Jedi appeared on Elecria. It was Gedar Olmo, that was appointed as a commander of the local droid armies, that would instruct all the separatists on the planet. Yazil used his official position to start riots, and his people installed several bombs in the streets of the capital to bring chaos and disarray in the government forces. In several hours the Administration of Elecria gave up, and its troops were defeated.

But soon after that, the new Prime Minister of Anarmar sent its own armies to deal with the revolutionaries. Gedar Olmo used the Trade Federation help as well as Prolla Security droids to stop the enemy, and it was Yazil Sayakaz, that helped him in an operation like that.

Sayakaz had no idea about the treaty between Duvar Enego and Palpatine, and he was surprised to see, that after the first battle with Senb'An'Tiin Forces, the clone troopers arrived. The city was captured by the Republic forces and the majority of the droids was destroyed. However the main leaders of the separatists managed to escape, including Yazil Sayakaz.

But unlike his allies he would remain at the city until very end. Gedar Olmo ordered him to leave the city, saying it was too late to struggle against the Republic, but Sayakaz refused to flee. Other Elecrian revolutionaries stayed in the Command center and were later captured or killed.

Yazil Sayakaz was murdered together with other separatists in 19 BBY.

Personality and traits

Yazil Sayakaz was a cold and mostly unemotional humanoid with pale skin, as all Elecrians, that usually appeared in public in his military uniform. He usually had a rapier with him, that he at least once tried to use against a Jedi.

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