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Yamato Kamiya was the father of Kale Kamiya. He always fought the temptation of the dark side, as it was very common for his ancestors to fall to evil. He was once a Jedi Master that eventually did in fact turn nearly completely toward the dark side, but died at the hands of Volsung when Yamato appeared to reach the point of insanity and betray the Dark Lord. Some believed that he had followed in almost the exact same footsteps as Anakin Skywalker. Yamato became a spirit in the Force, where he appeared to his son Kale and other close friends of Kale every once in a while. How Yamato was able to return from the netherworld of the Force and redeem himself in such a very short time is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Yamato Kamiya was created as a character in RPG World, a roleplaying community for the game Jedi Outcast and later Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. The community now exists as RP Evolved, which has moved onto text roleplaying, on their forums

The character's personality and appearance was based heavily off of Anakin Skywalker, as well as with a somewhat similar plotline

The character has been mentioned over time by one or more characters within the Star Wars Roleplaying Community in the virtual online game Second Life

The name "Yamato Kamiya" was taken over two centuries later by Kale Skywalker, when Kale's parents chose to create a new identity for their son, fearful that the Sith and others would hunt him down

The name "Yamato" originated as a word very common in Japanese culture (see Yamato)

The surname "Kamiya" also originated as a word common in Japanese culture

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