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A Y-Zero race

—The Y-Zero slogan

The Y-Zero Championship was an annual competion on the jungle world of Hyut III. It involved high-speed races in repulsorlift vehicles of varying types, similar to the more common sport of podracing. However, it was considered much more dangerous and was restricted only to Hyut. The winner of the competition was often granted a large amount of prize money which fluctuated depending on the generosity of the sponsor.


The Y-Zero Championship was first set up two years after Hyut gained its independence from the Empire in order to provide entertainment for the impoverished inhabitants of the world, which had practically closed itself off from the rest of the galaxy. During the first race, vehicles of all different kinds were used, from souped up landspeeders to old vehicles left over from the Imperial and Separatist occupations of the planet, such as GATs and TIE Maulers. Twenty-two contestants took part in the race, and only three survived.

Afterwards, the Championship was arranged to become an annual event to give the locals something to look forward too. A rudimentary racetrack was set up, forming a course that snaked through the jungle, through a canyon and over a lake. Basic regulations concerning the practicality of vehicles used in the race were established, and official betting began on the race. There was no set rule for what form of vehicle should be used in the race, other than it should be powered by repulsorlifts.

During the Imperial era, offworlder James Sknib became the first contestant who was not from Hyut to participate in the race, and won it, dethroning the previous reigning champion, a Kaleesh of unknown name.

The Championship continued for many years, but more safety regulations were put on it when Hyut joined the New Republic shortly after the Battle of Endor, causing a decline in the popularity of the race. In the aftermath of the Yuuzhan Vong War, which did not affect Hyut, there were multiple attempts to export the Championship off Hyut. A sporting corporation took interest, but the Championship continued to be restricted to Hyut for a long time to come.

Notable racers

Behind the Scenes

As you may well guess, the Y-Zero is based off F-Zero.

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