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The Xoquon sector was a sector in the Unknown Regions. In the final centuries before the Battle of Yavin, it was invaded by the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob, which made the planet Xoquon its headquarters and capital in the region, and a full member of the Tetrarchy. Though the fortified military world of Tizgo V and a few other planets also became "prime worlds", the majority of the sector's captured planets were relegated to the second-class "vassal world" status. Indeed, by 100 ABY, the Xoquon sector had more vassal worlds than the Mezlag and Vall`to sectors combined.

Much of the early Great Liberation took place in the Xoquon sector, which bordered the Golden Empire, including the pivotal Battle of Tizgo V. Playing on the intense hatred the native species had for their occupiers, Tariun Sakaros and Keltrayu were able to turn many worlds against their oppressors through guerilla war and inspired rebellion.

After the war ended, the Xoquon sector was expanded to include several neighboring worlds, including Waldragos and Klee`shlyoo`hshee. The Xoquon sector was attacked during the Nightmare War, and Klee`shlyoo`hshee was among the planets decimated by the Reawakened.

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