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Son of a … he can't do that! That's like… illegal or something."
"Believe it or not, Kyle, I don't think he cares.

—Kyle Katarn and Corran Horn

Xethyr was a prominent terrorist sometime after the Yuuzhan Vong Wars. He was often described as quirky and cynical, although few actually had a chance to meet him, familiar only with his massive terrorist organization, the Atere Confederation. Xethyr was a raptoroid, and as such he was very long-lived but also very vulnerable to succumbing to his emotions: He often killed people just for looking at him "funny". Before his prominence as a terrorist, he was an Inter-Dimensional Agent, and later a crimelord.


Early Life

You are quite the feisty one, aren't you?
—Barack Obama

Xethyr was born in 4,000 BBY under mysterious circumstances. He was taken from his family almost immediately by the InterDimensional Exploration Clan an elite, almost god-like group of aliens who mastered the travel between dimensions, and, as such, had little chance to actually see the galaxy of his birth. At age 7, he was placed under the tutelage of an IDEC Administrator, Barack Obama. Barack was not from Xethyr's dimension, but nonetheless saw him as a son. The two quickly became close on their adventures, forming a father-son relationship. Their friendship grew over 100 years, until they were nigh inseparable. However, Obama was not as long-lived as his friend, and passed away while Xethyr was still the biological equivalent of a human teenager. Xethyr would never be the same again.

Expulsion from the I.D.E.C

Xethyr? I remember 'em. Not fondly, savvy? Anyways, Why do you ask?
—Jack Sparrow, an individual from another dimension

Over the next 3,900 years of service, Xethyr grew cold and efficient, but was friendless and began to see the negative aspects of life outnumber the good; thus, he grew into a cynical hermit who simply did his duty. However, the methods that he did this often placed him in unfavorable positions with the Administration of the IDEC. Eventually, after a little mishap, he was expelled from the IDEC, and cast into the galaxy of his birth. There, he quickly got on Vogga the Hutt's bad side, and was marked as a bounty. Xethyr fortunately encountered a whole stash of credits on Nar Shaddaa. He ended up rescuing an alien from Vogga's men. It turned out that the alien was the sole leader of a Wartime Manufacturing Company. He offered Xethyr part-time ownership of the struggling and mostly unknown company, which had been limited down to a single Droid Factory due to bankruptcy. This alien, named Squitch (fondly nicknamed Twitchy), later became Xethyr's best friend and closest confident, bringing him from his post-Barack depression to his happily cynical state. Xethyr used the credits to by this facility, and began using it to construct a guarding force to protect him from the bounty hunters. Soon, however, his ambition grew and he ended up with an army; after, however, a run-in with an ancient faction.

Working for the Disciples

Believe me Destru, it would take a lot of money to buy me."
"How does ten million credits suit you?"
"I'm listening.

—Xethyr and Darth Destru

As Xethyr's army grew over the years, he soon became desperately short of money. As he had outlived most of the bounty hunters and their clients who had hunted him, he deemed that it was safe to go out looking for a fresh supply of credits without having an droid army following him.

While on Ord Mantel, he met with self proclaimed Sith lord Darth Destru, who had for a long time been in a brutal feud with the other self-proclaimed Sith present there. Desperate, he offered Xethyr ten million credits for his services in fighting his rivals rather than killing him. Xethyr was a valued asset to Destru and remained in the Dark Lord's service even after the unification of the Sith cults into the Disciples of Bane. Destru taught Xethyr the art of hand-to-hand combat, although Xethyr could not master the force.

Xethyr's final mission for Detru was successful, but resulted in his master's death. What had happened was Destru had sent him to assassinate his rival Darth Baden with the help of two other Sith lords Darth Morgu and Darth Sharka. Together they cut down Baden, although Xethyr struck the killer blow. The battle that followed ended with the death of Destru, and Xethyr barely escaped the bloodbath with his life.

Although he had received insufficient funds from his service to Destru, he deemed the experience worthwhile due to his new combat techniques. Returning to the factory, he was confronted by Darth Sharka, who offered him a tidy sum to be his protector after hearing of his cunning and combat skills. Xethyr accepted.

Bodyguard for a Sith

I have fought many Dark Jedi in my time, but nothing like you."
"That's because I'm no Dark Jedi, I'm a whole lot worse.

—Thame Cerulian and Xethyr

Xethyr followed Sharka all over the galaxy, killing many mercenaries and bounty hunters sent to kill him and honing his skills. Sharka had a high price on his head and during the six years of his service with him, Xethyr killed hundreds of would be assassins. Naturally, the price on his head increased as no bounty hunter lived to tell the tale, and mercenaries began to fear the very name Sharka, unaware of the true killer.

Xethyr and Sharka's strictly-business relationship began to fall apart on Coruscant, when Sharka and Xethyr met Jedi Thame Cerulian and his apprentice Seth Khaleb. Cerulian had been ordered by the Jedi Council to kill Sharka and he attempted to end the threat of the Sith Lord. Xethyr intervened, but after a brief fight, Cerulian knocked him unconscious. When he awoke, he was on Sharka's ship, outbound for deep space. Sharka had managed to defeat Cerulian and kill Seth and he spared Xethyr for his failure due to his six years of valuable service, offering him a prototype Jedi device he had recovered from Seth's corpse; it had the legendary power to bestow the power of the force upon the wielder. Sharka began training Xethyr in the ways of the force, although due to the amulet's artificial nature it was minimal at best, but nevertheless useful should Jedi intervene in Sharka's plans again.

The pair went to Neimoidia, and were present at the battle between the Disciples and the Trade Federation. However, Cerulian had tracked them there and with a team of Jedi, he broke through the defenses of the house they were staying at and confronted Sharka. Xethyr was overseeing the other defenses and fled to help his master. By the time he arrived, Sharka was dead, but he had killed all but Cerulian and another Jedi called Leatre.

Xethyr attacked the two Jedi, killing Leatre and engaging Cerulian alone. After a long duel, Cerulian stabbed him through the stomach, almost killing him. Xethyr managed to stab Cerulian repeatedly in the neck, killing his adversary. Xethyr then fled the planet and returned to Twitchy and the Droid Factory, where he oversaw his growing army and began a long emotional recovery, further honing his combat and skills. He faded away from all known memory, but finally emerged again during the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars

I've been to many dimensions....seen people fight from every story in existence. But this....I've never seen anything like this before.
—Xethyr to Count Dooku

Count Dooku reluctantly fires Xethyr, under orders of Darth Sidious.

Xethyr's army became a lure for battle during the Clone Wars, as both sides would not appreciate an additional force to fight: Soon, though, he was discovered by the CIS. However, Dooku had an offer: Become an ally of the Confederacy, and he would be spared. Xethyr agreed, and used his forces, under the guise of a dangerous pirate group, to sabotage Republic efforts. As the Confederacy gained the upper hand, Sidious saw that Xethyr's aid was altering his plans; he had his alliance with the Confederacy terminated. Xethyr then began helping the Republic, with the ironic permission of Chancellor Palpatine, who was the same man who had just fired him. The Confederacy swiftly dwindled, and before the Battle of Coruscant Xethyr was fired again, in fear he might sabotage the staged kidnapping. Xethyr began traveling dimensions again, although this was illegal. He was eventually caught and stripped of all awards he won while in service to the IDEC, and his methods of InterDimensional travel. Angry, he returned to find an Empire in charge instead of a Republic. Learning he had been deceived by Palpatine, he started a criminal organization: The Confederation.

The Confederation

Death Star? Come on, it's just a bloody space station. What's with the scary name? (sees the death star) I think I see why now. Right, let's turn around and pretend nothing happened. Quickly now.
—Xethyr to Twitchy

Xethyr used his forces to sabotage the Galactic Empire's effort, but saw the Rebels as a potential ally: However, they refused to work with "pirates", believing it would decrease their chances of liberating planets. Xethyr proceeded to sabotage the efforts of both sides. Eventually, though, he agreed with the Rebels and destroyed 3 quarters of the army on Endor: this would explain the Empire's easy defeat, as if not for Xethyr's effort, the Ewoks wouldn't have stood a chance.

Criminal Competition

Jabba can kiss my tail....on second thought, maybe he can just wave. Jabba's kisses are most likely infectious.
—Xethyr to Twitchy

Xethyr confronts Hakkos the Hutt, who was the leader of the Hutt Cartel for a brief, almost unworthy of mentioning period of time. He became the leader two days before this picture was taken, and thanks to Xethyr, his rule lasted three. Hakkos was an ally of Xethyr's in the Clone Wars.

Xethyr continued to manage his extensive criminal organization, until it rivaled the Zann Consortium (the top organization at the time) and began to approach the standards set by past criminal organizations such as Czerka, the Black Sun, and the Hutt Cartel. However, Tyber Zann's influence decreased when he was faced with the might of the New Republic, and the Zann Consortium faded into the history archives. The Confederation was strong, however, and Xethyr's skill for sabotage grew into a hunger, and he preyed on the Yuuzhan Vong. After they were vanquished, he eventually brought on the wrath of the Galactic Alliance.

The Alliance Awakens

You Jedi are always the same...Justice this, peace that.
Um...yeah! Pretty much! Any questions?
—Jacen Solo

However, the Galactic Alliance eventually detected the presence of Xethyr shortly after the Corellion Crisis was averted. Xethyr attempted to flee from Geonosis on his ship, the Corruptor, but was stopped by two Jedi Knights: Jaina and Jacen Solo. Xethyr, however, was one step ahead and instead imprisoned them, planning on using them as ransom. However, Jaina and Jacen escaped after planting a tracking device on the ship, and returned to Coruscant, intent on giving the news of a new threat to the Alliance. During this time, Xethyr found the body of General Grievous in the possession of Lando Calrissian, and managed to buy it from him. He then successfully reconstructed the body, and used cloning technologies from the charred flesh etched on the inside of his mask to resurrect Grievous. Grievous was rechristened NK-NecroJedi, but still stuck with the name Grievous. Xethyr allied himself with Poggle the Greater, and declared war on the Alliance. However, this move may have been a bit too ambitious, and he was systematically defeated through the efforts of the Imperial Remnant, the New Republic, and the Jedi Order. Xethyr retreated, and the Atere Confederation fell into darkness. Grievous reborn took the reigns of the organization and spread its influence in other galaxies, as well as a considerable amount in the current one.


I've grown up now, Skywalker. Don't expect a warm welcome.

Xethyr later returned to the Republic, but was now intent on destroying the Jedi, for unknown reasons. Xethyr had hardened, and was no longer as kind, although he still maintained a sense of humor, although far darker. Xethyr seemed intent on isolating Jacen Solo from his family, to more easily turn him to the dark side. Jacen had a brief argument with Master Skywalker before being called to the planet Sauros, in a beacon for distress. Upon arriving, Jacen found nothing but very large and dangerous lizards. Meanwhile, Xethyr strapped a bomb to C-3P0, who was currently the butler of the Skywalker home. However, the bomb was detected by Ben Skywalker and, unable to be deactivated, was instead thrown outside, where Mara Jade was at the moment. Luke returned home to find half his home in ruins, a sobbing Ben, and shocked C-3P0, and Mara nowhere to be found, assumed dead in the explosion. A shocked Luke cried out in despair, but then was consumed by thoughts of revenge. It was only through the arrival of Leia to comfort him that Luke avoided the dark side. Xethyr's plan had worked.

The bomb that supposedly killed Mara Jade also shook other residences, which were evacuated when the bomb was detected.

Luke sent Ben to the training academy on Ossus until a new home could be constructed. Luke also conversed with Cal Omas, discussing the threat of Xethyr. Omas agrees that Xethyr is a threat, but is relucant to give the Jedi permission to eliminate him, seeing as he has not attacked the Republic in general. Soon after, though, another bomb was sent into the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, strapped to R2-D2 (who at the time was the archive droid), but this plot was successfully thwarted by the Jedi council and R2 with no fatalities, Jedi or droid.

Xethyr grew frustrated, as that was the last bomb of that kind that he could afford, without engaging in further criminal activities that would alert other enemies to his presence. However, he soon concocted another plan, and drew both Jaina Solo and Luke Skywalker to the moon of the planet Mythjaw, Eyeron, by telling them Xethyr was hiding there. There, after a friendly encounter with Lando Calrissian, they found a refuge in a city on the far side, inhabited by Eyeronians. Luke went to find information on Xethyr's whereabouts within the city, leaving Jaina alone. Xethyr drugged and kidnapped Jaina, and Luke came back to find the room abandoned and trashed. Luke used the force to find Jaina, but instead found Xethyr. Images of Mara's death came up in Luke's mind, and Luke attacked in a vengeful fury. Luke stabbed Xethyr, who gasped "Uncle...I-" before dying. A confused but satisfied Luke turned around--and was face-to-face with the real Xethyr. Luke turned back to find Jaina wounded instead of Xethyr. Luke, shocked, enraged, and confused, turned to see Xethyr cloaking Jaina's body in a illusion making her look like Xethyr.

The Dark Side Beckons

I'm the monster? Come on, you killed her.

Luke drew his lightsaber, only to find it in the hands of Xethyr, who pushed Luke back onto the ledge, then pushing him again after taunting him. Xethyr then kicked Jaina over as well, and returned to his shuttle to continue his plans. Master Skywalker survived the fall, just as Jacen, Leia, and Han arrived to find Luke on the ground and Jaina near dead. The family rushed Jaina to the Eyeronian medical clinic while Luke cried out in anger...something he had never done in his time as a master. Never since he had become a master had the urge to inflict pain on his opponent blinded him, and now Jaina was near death because of it. The dark side came ever closer.

Reporting to Krayt

Everything was quite splendid. Sunshine, room service, wide beaches, dead Jedi....How was your day?
Your sense of humor never ceases to amaze me. Now shut up.

The Sith remnant Krayt would later create the New Sith Empire, after the death of Luke Skywalker.

Xethyr reported his success to his superior, the mysterious A'Sharad Hett, or as he called himself, Krayt. Krayt laid down to Xethyr that the attempt to corrupt Jacen was taking to long, and that they need to capture Jacen and eliminate his family later. Xethyr attempted to reassure his employer with an ultimatum: Jacen will either join us or die. Krayt cautioned him from speaking in absolutes, half-jokingly stating that all people who said that are either dead or reverted, or both. Xethyr mumbles agreement.

Around this time, the Atere Confederation is approached by Krayt, and the two form an alliance. This leads to an awkward reunion between Grievous and Xethyr.

Jaina was put into a coma following her injuries and relocated to Coruscant. Luke visits Ben, who is drawn away from his girlfriend, Asilla Shan, by his father, who tells him that Jacen has gone missing. Fearing that something has happened to him, he returns to the Jedi Temple with his father to converse with Omas. Omas gives him permission to eliminate Xethyr, but advises that Ben not go, to which Luke agrees. Finding his last known location, Luke goes alone to the bizarre world of Neo, where he meets Xethyr. Xethyr remarks that he is unarmed, and leads Luke to Krayt's chambers, where Jacen is frozen in Carbonite. Krayt taunts Luke, and then releases Jacen, who immediately goes for Xethyr. Xethyr reveals to Jacen that it was LUKE that injured Jaina, and Jacen, after overcoming his disbelief, attacks Luke, crippling the aging Jedi Master. Krayt commands him to finish Luke. Jacen refuses, and with the aid of a distraction from R2 catapults his lightsaber through Xethyr's chest.


It wasn't my fault...the evil that sprung from that monster corrupted me...Don't kill me! It was the monster's fault!
He's the monster? Come on you killed me.
—Mara Jade

Xethyr collapsed at that moment, leaving Krayt to flee. As Jacen and Luke chase him, Xethyr regained consciousness and attempted to flee. However, Mara (who happens to be alive) confronts him, and in his panic he blames his mistakes on his former friend Grievous, and begs not to be killed. Mara complies and instead throws him down a ledge, where ironically Grievous is waiting, having heard what he said. Grievous cackles, saying that he'll fix what he's broken and show Xethyr why he wasn't fired. Xethyr cries out, but his screams are in vain.

Lumos: Xethyr's Legacy

Mara returned to the Jedi Council, content that Xethyr was finally dealt with. Surprisingly, though, his legacy was not: Xethyr's son, Lumos, was found by Krayt and was trained to be an assassin, to eliminate Master Skywalker and his family. Lumos came as an innocent force-sensitive, wishing to be trained. Luke accepted him.

However, Krayt abandons his hopes of retrieving Jacen, who plans to move his family (Tenel Ka and Allana) to live in the Jedi Temple so he can be with them more often. Ben is revealed to be in a deeper relation with Ashinda, something Lumos can't understand.


There's something familiar about Lumos...I can't quite put my finger on it.
—Luke Skywalker to Kyp Durron and Cinghal

At first, Luke doubted that Lumos was Jedi material, but over time Lumos proved his worth, and worked his way close to Luke, until they were nigh inseparable. Soon, though, Lumos put a bomb in Luke's room. However, his plan backfired: Luke thanked him for all he had done, and said he was like a brother to him. Touched, Lumos soon felt guilt for the bomb, and rushed to remove it. However, he seemingly killed Leia Organa in the process, leaving the Jedi shocked. However, Luke defended Lumos, confident it was not him but rather an ally of Xethyr's. Corran Horn soon realized, though, that Lumos did look a lot like Xethyr, and concluded that he was a son of Xethyr, sent to do his father's work. They exile him, with Luke feeling betrayed.

Time in the Wilderness

I am not like my father.

Luke was exiled shortly after that for "Alliances with an Enemy to the Jedi", and although Jacen Solo protested, Luke went along willingly. Jacen took Luke's position, but was tested in a fight between Zekk and Jagged Fel. Lumos and Luke were stranded together in the wilderness of Ossus, where they were met by the ghost of a mysterious being--Qui Gon Jinn, who claimed to be the old Master of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He said that the Sith planted the seeds of corruption, and only Luke and Lumos could remove them. Lumos runs away, feeling torn between his new friends, his legacy, and his dark Sith master. Luke goes on to the Jedi Temple alone. Lumos, meanwhile, finds his father having escaped from Grievous and crash-landed on the planet in an attempt to finish the job he started. However, years of planning in isolation have driven him to insanity, and Lumos reluctantly helps his father, seeing this as a chance to come to terms with his own history. Leia finds them (having escaped the bomb) and convinces Lumos to face his actions and return to the temple.

Right or Wrong?

I deserve this.

Lumos is now in the spotlight, though, for his attempted assassination. Lumos is also shocked to find out that his "father" was a hallucination. The Jedi, fearing what he can do, plan to execute him. However, at his execution, Luke and Jacen work together to save him, and let him go free. When confronted by Cal Omas on his decision, Luke replied that the origins of a person do not reflect who they are. He reveals that he is the son of Darth Vader, and makes an analogy between the two. Surprised, the Jedi calm down, and promise to not jump to conclusions again. At this point, Jaina awakens from her coma, due to Xethyr's legacy being remembered. Lumos leaves the Jedi, but he is confronted by Krayt and offered another role in his upcoming Empire; involving a mysterious Sith Army from the Ancient Jedi Civil War, supposedly found by a Dathomir witch in the employment of the Defunct Zann Consortium.

Dimensional Travel

What do I do? Look into the stars. Ever wonder what's out there? Or what's beyond there? I already know. It sucks, to look up there and know all about it. Because that's what I do. I know things I shouldn't. And it sucks.

Xethyr was one of the only people to be able to travel between different spaces and times, especially after the IDEC faded from all known memory, due to the immense knowledge they had being too much. Xethyr prefers to not talk about dimensional travel, as he has seen things that no man from our universe was ever meant to see. One of the reasons he is so cynical is because of the knowledge he has gained seems to take the joy out of life. He has not, however, seen everything and admits he knows nothing about the origins of space or time.

Current Whereabouts

Where are we?

Xethyr may have survived the attack by Grievous, a theory put forth because of the lack of a body. All attempts at further investigation, however, were halted by the Atere Confederation, which still had some considerable influence. It has been agreed upon, however, that if he did survive, all attempts to destroy the Jedi were likely halted, and he might have possibly left the galaxy (or dimension, if he acquired the technology) altogether.

Behind the scenes

The chances of you winning are equivalent to the chances of us being fictional characters!

Xethyr is a faggot, and the creator thought it would be interesting to have a sentient raptor as a villain. However, it was unknown which story he would be a villain of. Eventually it was decided that he would travel dimensions, thus being a potential villain for every story in existence and then some. Xethyr's creator also created a similar being, Ethyr, who is also a raptoroid villain but a more extreme and less humorous one. Ethyr is one of many in opposition to a Raptoroid Pirate captain, who serves as the protagonist of this particular story, also being similar in appearance to Xethyr. Xethyr's color remains undecided, although his voice has been confirmed to be deep and scratchy with a Mexican accent.

Please feel free to edit this article, but please discuss why you made such changes on the talk page. Also, I, as the original creator, reserve the right to undo or add onto any changes made.

Yes, Barack Obama is based off the presidential candidate in the United States. No, it was not intentional. Yes, I used this to my advantage. Obama's a great guy.

Xethyr's saga is divided into three parts: The Atere Confederation, The Jedi Vendetta, and the Corruption of Blood. The Atere Confederation was meant as an introduction the character, but brought in elements from the Zann Consortium and is based heavily on the existence of Communists within the United States. The Jedi Vendetta was based on the concepts found in extremism: Terrorism (The killing of Mara Jade and the attempted Jedi Massacre by use of bombs, the targeting of many to achieve a goal), Hatred of a group because of the actions of one individual (Xethyr's vendetta against the Jedi stemming from his hatred of Luke Skywalker), and a network of superiors unseen by the enemy (Krayt's leadership over Xethyr). It was also Xethyr's primary storyline. The Corruption of Blood is based on Othello and the Lion King 2, which in turn is based on Romeo and Juliet. However, it follows the story of his son, rather than Xethyr.


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