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Xerxes Skywalker was a Jedi Master during the Resurrected Bane Wars in 800 ABY.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Xerxes was born to Jedi Master Lane Skywalker and knight Tala Skywalker in 760 ABY on Coruscant. Being part of the Skywalker bloodline, he was trained as a Jedi ever since his birth. As a trainee, he showed considerable skill with form IX lightsaber combat, or Shien. He could use his skill with the force to create a whirlwind of blinding lightsaber thrusts, which only the most skilled of fighters could counter. Indeed, even Chrisalaas Martokanon had trouble defeating him in practice bouts. Unfortunately, Xerxes' usage of an insane form of Shien made him tread dangerously close to the Dark side. But, like his ancestors before him, he was able to redeem himself.

At the age of 9, Homm Pouir took him as a Padawan learner. Homm found it difficult to rein in the powerful and aggressive Xerxes, who nearly caved to his anger on several occasions. His power with the force also made him needlessly violent at times, but he always kept his heart in the right place. Not once was he seduced by dark side forces, and always kept the well-being of others higher than his own.

After his knighting at the age of 23, he went on a mission to Dantooine to settle a border dispute. What he and his padawan found there was much more, however. A Dark Jedi by the name of Qiron Vaad had fabricated the border dispute to lure Jedi there so he could kill them. He quickly slew Xerxes' padawan, and knocked the lightsaber from Xerxes' own hand before he could react. Thinking quickly, he snatched his padawan's purple lightsaber and quickly slaughtered Qiron. He kept his padawan's lightsaber in his memory.

Sith uprising Edit

After successfully training his second padawan, Arn Tain, to knighthood, he was raised to the rank of Master. Not long after, the resurrected Darth Bane declared war on the Republic. Being promoted to a General, he led the 105 Infantry into battles on several worlds, including Sullust and Mustafar. Ashes ingested from these volcanic planets would cause him to have respiratory problems in later life. He encountered Darth Terrasus on Kashyyyk, nearly defeating him and driving back his forces.

In 801, he was sent in a party of four to destroy the Sith Lords on New Alderaan. He quickly helped dispatch Darth Terrasus. He was also the first to try and fight Darth Annialatis, but was quickly incapacitated when his sword hand was cut off. Annialatis had trouble with him at first, but learned to grab Xerxes' saber with his light glove. Chrisalaas Martokanon showed up, however, and destroyed the Sith

Later life Edit

Xerxes would go on to father a son, Dante Skywalker, who he would later train as a padawan. Xerxes would later die from ruptures in his lungs caused by incredible coughing.

Behind the scenes Edit

Xerxes is based off of a Lego figure.