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Xaset terep
Xaset Terep
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3,956 BBY

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Old Republic era

With Terep in command, we fought against the Republic many times. But he wasn't a very good tactician or leader, and most of our battles resulted in long refits at various shipyards under Sith control.
—Josef Farfax, on Xaset Terep[src]

Xaset Terep was a Human male Jedi Knight from Metellos who lived during the Mandalorian Wars and Jedi Civil War. He joined with Revan and Malak in their efforts to aid the Galactic Republic in their defense against the invading Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, serving aboard the Interdictor-class cruiser Wrangler despite wishing to fight planetside. After the end of the war at the Battle of Malachor V, he fell to the dark side of the Force, joining with the newly-proclaimed Dark Lords and their Sith Empire in another invasion of the Republic.

As the war erupted with the attack on the Republic Navy depot at Foerost, Terep seized control of Wrangler for himself when the warship's captain hesitated upon learning of the mission's parameters. For the next three years of the conflict Terep operated independently, placing his ship along contested galactic hyperlanes in order to interdict passing convoys. However, his attempts met with limited success, often forcing him to withdraw from battle. These actions culminated in a skirmish in the Upestis system against a small Republic force led by Padawan Bastila Shan and her battle meditation. In the wake of this battle Terep began attacking his crew in frustration, eventually succumbing to a mutiny led by Josef Farfax and Secar Dunnigal, two of Wranger's senior officers.


Service as a JediEdit

Hailing from the Core World of Metellos, Xaset Terep was among a cadre of Jedi that was personally recruited into the Revanchists' effort by Malak, which included a Knight who would later become known as "the Jedi Exile," as the Mandalorian invasion reached new heights. Once Revan and Malak were given overall command of the Republic forces confronting the Neo-Crusaders, Terep was assigned as the Jedi liaison to the Interdictor-class cruiser Wrangler despite his frequent requests to be assigned to a ground unit. He grudgingly served aboard the warship as it fought in the last campaigns, including the liberation of Onderon, the assault on Dxun, the second battle of Althir and the final confrontation at Malachor V.

Fall to the dark sideEdit

After the defeat of the Mandalorians, Terep journeyed into the Unknown Regions with Revan, Malak, and the rest of the surviving Jedi. When the two leaders fell to the dark side of the Force and proclaimed themselves to be the new Lords of the Sith Empire, Terep joined them and became a Dark Jedi. Sensing a chance to secure more power for himself, he executed the captain of Wrangler when the officer balked at attacking Foerost, and took personal command of the warship.

Fighting the RepublicEdit

Terep then led Wrangler on a series of interdiction missions, placing the cruiser along contested galactic hyperlanes with its gravity well projectors powered up. These skirmishes bore mixed results, with the ship and crew often coming to grief and needing to retreat back to Sith-controlled space for repairs and replenishment. As Terep's lack of leadership ability and tactical skill became more and more evident, his temper became increasingly erratic. He began issuing brutal punishments to Sith officers, crewers and troopers who he saw as guilty of deliberate sub par performance.

In 3,956 BBY, Wrangler encountered a small Republic Navy patrol in the Upestis system, an uninhabited binary star system that was roughly three parsecs Rimward of the Corellian Run. With the Republic force technically outgunned, Terep ordered a full attack and the launching of his Sith interceptors. Tipping the balance, however, was the fact that the two Hammerhead-class cruisers and their squadron of Aurek fighters were under the nominal command of Jedi Padawan Bastila Shan. With battle meditation on her side, Shan was able to influence the resulting battle by improving the performance of the Republic ships and crews while at the same time demoralizing Terep and his forces.

Breakdown and deathEdit

With his starfighter forces being decimated as the Republic cruisers closed into range and pounded through Wrangler's dorsal shields, Terep angrily ordered a recall and retreat into hyperspace. Once the warship had successfully disengaged, the Dark Jedi became so apoplectic with rage that he lost control of his powers and began using the Force to indiscriminately murder his bridge crew before running amok throughout the rest of the ship. Josef Farfax and Secar Dunnigal, two officers who had served aboard Wrangler since the Mandalorian conflict, sought to bring the madness to a halt by any means necessary. After securing support from a company's worth of Sith troopers who had also formerly served the Republic, Farfax and Dunnigal chased Terep throughout the vessel's interior, eventually cornering him in the ship's hangar bay. Terep was finally overcome in the intense lightfight that followed, killed by shrapnel from a fragmentation grenade.


The crew was divided on what to do after that. With Terep gone we were free, in a manner of speaking, from his and Darth Revan's manipulations.
—Josef Farfax, to Laera Reyolé and Admiral Dodonna[src]

With Xaset Terep dead, the major source of dark-side influence aboard Wrangler ceased to exist. Though other senior officers would attempt to wrest command of the warship for themselves, these plots were ultimately self-destructive. This resulted in Farfax, who had been the off-watch executive officer and Dunnigal, the sensor officer, being the two highest-ranking officers left aboard. Using the deaths of Terep and the other Sith officers as examples, the two managed to persuade the rest of the crew to return to the Republic, which they did in time to participate in the mission to capture Darth Revan.

In 3,951 BBY, the image of Terep as a Jedi appeared to Vima Sunrider, the Jedi Exile who Malak had recruited, in a Force vision while she explored the tomb of Ludo Kressh. This Force-generated image, along with several others, attacked her when she refused to relive the scene from her past and declared that she would not have followed these Jedi down the path that had been taken by Revan and Malak.

Personality and traitsEdit

Even before his fall to the dark side, Xaset Terep was not an even-tempered man. He was eager to join the fight against the Mandalorians in hopes of proving his swordsmanship and abilities, and did not care to be assigned to a warship as its liaison. This frustration was evident in his disdain for the accepted tactics and strategies of ship-to-ship combat, which manifested itself in poor leadership and tactical ability when he finally seized command of Wrangler. He was also a harsh disciplinarian, even before he joined the Sith where brutal punishments were the rule instead of the exception.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Though he was not very adept at capital ship warfare or possessed of much leadership skill, Xaset Terep was considered a powerful Force-user and a proficient lightsaber combatant by his peers. A practitioner of the Ataru form, he was also adept at Telekinesis and using the Force to amplify his own strength. After his fall to the dark side, he also learned to harness the power of Force lightning.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though Xaset Terep was originally intended to be simply a dark-side extension of his limited appearance in the computer and video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, his depiction in the fan fiction novel The Last Full Measure by Sean "Goodwood" Nash necessitated the establishment of an actual backstory. As with the original character, "Xaset Terep" is an anagram of "Texas Pete."


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