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This article relates to the Adventures timeline by DarthJaciuss, Boomdodger, and Thorun Ordo.
This is Wraith Squad. They make up the backbone of the fifty-sixth. You won't find a better unit in this galaxy.
—Commander Dodge regarding Wraith Squad[src]

Wraith Squad was an informal branch of clone troopers of the 56th Battalion led by Jedi General Viera Cacete and Commander CC-1211. After the Battle of Geonosis, they received exclusive training from Commander Dodge, following his participation in the ARC Training Program, forming them into the backbone and vanguard of the 56th Battalion.


They're a fun unit to lead, general.
After the Battle of Geonosis, at the dawn of the Clone Wars, Commander CC-1211 participated in the ARC Training Program on Kamino, where his experience as a clone officer was enhanced through physical and mental training. 1211, now known as Dodge, passed on what he had learned to a select few members of the 56th Battalion, forming the unit known as Wraith Squad. They became the backbone of the entire unit, acting as the vanguard of several of their assaults.


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