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Wookiee Crisp began when the Confederacy of Independent Systems were running out of money to fund reinforcements. The scheme consisted of chopping up Wookiees and selling them in bars similar to those made of cereal. In the process of making adverts for Wookiee Crisp, prisoners were often used to test. Droids would take a mouthful before the camera stopped rolling, but would spit it out the minute they were clear. The most common prisoners used in these adverts were Gungans.

The Wookiee Crisp Campaign was often referred to as the Wookiee Crisp War or the Spending Cut War, despite there only being one situation of battle and two battles were fought. General Grievous was used to kill over 5000 Wookiees and Count Dooku and General R2 watched the making, while Shade Laonash Kenobi was in charge of advertising. This process stopped in the early months of 19 BBY, a few weeks before the invasion of Kashyyyk.

Battle Of Kashyyyk (Wookiees)

The first Battle of Kashyyyk of the Wookiee Crisp Campaign was the Wookiee rebellion against C.I.S control. It was fought using mainly hand-held weapons and saw the death of over 270 droid snipers. The C.I.S victory brought many live Wookiees into slavery, but most worked for less than a day as they were killed and cut into squares for production. Only Wookiee commanders survived this process. Wookiee technology was taken and melted to make wrappers for the soon to be sold Wookiee Crisp bars. During the battle of kashyyk both R2-Q4 and B-10PO fought at Shade Laonash's side. B-10PO was injured during the Wookiee battle and id not return to fight for the droids. R2-Q4 was always close to Shade and saved her from small dangerous objects such as scrap metal and rocks on the beach. Thes weren't really a threat compared to the rockets and bullets that flew from one end of the beach to the other. General R2 reports the beach being red with blood and the skies grey with smoke.

Behind the scenes

Wookiee Crisp was the original title for the book Gold Is A Winners Dream. Sharpay Sutler uses this name for the films Wookiee Crisp and Wookiee Crisp 2: The Final (Spending) Cut. Wookiee Crisp is a pun of Cookie Crisp, a cereal.

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