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The Wind Sages were a sect of the Gray Jedi and were by far the most mystical of the four sects, and the hardest to gain entrance to. Wind Sages believed that weapons only dulled the senses and weakened the body. They used the Force for 100% of their offense and defense, rather than using lightsabers. Their fighting style was a unique mixture between Force powers and martial arts which they called Mahu'Kate. They carried small extendable staves that were made of several different lightsaber resistant materials so that they could defend against stronger opponents with lightsabers. However, their force powers were considered mind-boggling to some outside of the sect.

They were able to cause "storms" in the Force. Literally opening wormholes in the space-time planes, and if they could draw enough support and power from the Force, they were able to cause a storm to appear almost anywhere in the galaxy. This storm could do anything from ripping a fleet of ships to shreds to transporting a ship thousands of light-years across the galaxy. They were also one of the only two sects to have the deadly knowledge of the Thought Bomb. When done correctly, this required the sacrifice of the user to empower it. It then targeted all force sensitive enemies and wiped them out completely, destroying clothes, bodies, bones, cities, ships, anything in its path. When done incorrectly however, every single thing in its path would die, not just the user's enemies.

They also held the secret to an ancient technique that they did not list in the archives. The legend stated that they learned the technique from a Sith holocron that was so old, it was ancient even during the time of Marka Ragnos. This power supposedly was able to rip open time and space, and throw the opponent into the rift of space and time, causing them to live the rest of their lives in an alternate plane of existence. No Wind Sage had ever confirmed this fact though, and the effects of this power were never seen.


  • Breeze of Balance
  • Knight of Tornadoes
  • Master of Hurricanes
  • Tamer of the Avril
  • Avril Master

Patron Animal

Their patron animal was the Avril.

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