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William Octoward was an inhabitant of Hyut III and a long-time participant in the Y-Zero Championship. William Octoward was not his actual name, which was impossible to pronounce for most species, but it stuck. After his family immigrated to Hyut to escape the oppressive regime on their homeworld, Octoward integrated well into society on the remote world, and soon fell in love with the high speed Y-Zero championship. As soon as he was old enough to race, he constructed a racing machine out of spare parts and participated in almost every single Grand Prix from then on. Although he rarely won, he was often a favorite to win, and often received large funds from sponsorship. He would use these funds to visit his homeworld, where he would occasionally be a model, due to females of his species considering him very attractive.

Behind the scenes

William Octoward is based on the F-Zero character Octoman.

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