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The Whitestar-class Galactic Star Destroyer was a starship manufactured by Cybe Drives. The ship, like any other Galactic Star Destroyer variant, was armed with a Phoenix Cannon, an experimental superweapon developed by Cybe Drives. The ship served briefly in the Galactic Federation of Free Planets and a handful surviving models were pressed into service with the Federation Navy during the Infinity War.



While lighter armed than its older rival, the Infinity-class Galactic Star Destroyer, the ship had a sleeker design and was cheaper to produce. Nevertheless not an easy target, as the ship was also armed with a Phoenix Cannon.


A visible weakness, the bridge was defended by several Point-defense cannons. A back-up bridge was featured at the front of the ship, although rarely used.


The Whitestar-class Galactic Star Destroyer was manufactured by Cybe Drives prior to the Second Galactic Civil War, and several models entered service with the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

Following the war, a handful found themselves entering service with the Hapan Royal Navy, and surviving vessels were pressed into service during the Infinity War over one-hundred years later.


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