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The White Star was the personal starship of the Fallen Jedi Orion Forte. This ship was the flagship of the White Star Pirates, as Orion was the commander of the whole organization. The White Star is a Strike-class cruiser, even though the Strike-class wasn't supposed to have been built until the Galactic Civil War. Orion paid a substantial amount of money to Loronar Corporation to have a class of ship built in secret for his pirates. Thus the Strike-class was developed. Many, many years later, the Strike-class was reused for the Imperials, who had no idea that the Strike-class was over 60 years old.

The White Star, just like the other Strike-class ships in the fleet, was modified by Orion Forte to carry 12 squadrons of starfighters, instead of only one or two plus many larger ground support ships. The White Star's shields were also upgraded and were incredibly strong. The White Star boasted shields more resistant than those of Ris'danon's modified Dreadnaughts. Despite the powerful shields, the White Star was the first ship to be destroyed when Darth Subeth arrived at the First Battle of Ris'danon.


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