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Wayne Deadmerit III was a very critical ally of the Tristchanian Empire, as leader of the legendary Dragon Mercenary Co-op. A family-run organization, Wayne III inherited the organization from his father, a Caznian Human.


Early Life

Wayne Deadmerit III was born in Algastra, Tristchana in 26 ABY, to legendary Mercenary leader Wayne Deadmerit Jr., who played a crucial role in the Denaska Street Battle in the Six Year War. Growing up in the mountainous region of Algastra made life a bit harder for Wayne, mainly because there were very few kids that grew up near him. His father started training him at the age of seven, in how to be an assassin. He trained for years under his father's brutal discipline. He acceled in Strategy in his father's DMC academy and trained in the usage of many weapons, including lightsabers.

Taking over DMC

Wayne III took over DMC from his father in 43 ABY, just shortly after Harlan Takangamo took over the throne of Tristchana, and took control of the Tristchanian Empire from his grandfather, Jeramiah Tolkano, another legend in the Six Year War. Wayne quickly went to work, making arrangements for raids on WSIR supply lines in the Trist System. With swift efficency, Wayne III had DMC working better than ever by 46 ABY. When the Galactic Collision occured in 48 ABY, Wayne III sent undercover operatives into WSIR territory to see if Moorshavin Warbird was using the collision as an opportunity to make his move. It took around five years for Moorshavin to make that move, but he warned Harlan, allowing Harlan to be prepared for an attack by Moorshavin.

The First Draco Minoris War

After Darth Draco Minoris set out after Harlan Takangamo in 62 ABY, Wayne III sent several scouts out to the Gamma Turae System to search for Draco Minoris's hideout. He came back with evidence that Draco Minoris was using the entire system as his complex. With Tarakus Deadmerit's wife undercover as Shar'ka Ross's lover, Wayne continued to be fed information on what was going on inside the Draco Minoris Militia.

Peaceful Era of Information Brokering

After the Draco Minoris War ended in 64 ABY, Wayne III started looking into peacetime options for the DMC to go into. One that came to mind was information brokering. DMC quickly grew into the arena, using every resource they had, to go out and search for any and all information on Draco Minoris, and anyone affiliated with him. Over the next ten years, DMC compiled so much information on Minoris that they had to set up a library off Tristchardi, DMC's operational home planet. With Moorshavin Warbird and the Warbird Unity Front, remnants of the WSIR, assisting on the mission, things became easier for Wayne and the rest of DMC to sort through all that information.

Passing DMC on to the Next Generation

Wayne III handed DMC over to his son, Wayne Deadmerit IV in 87 ABY, remaining as a consultant for the first twenty years of his son's takeover of operations in the "family business". As consultant, Wayne III often helped with training new recruits, tech secrets and all sorts of small applications within the organization. He retired in 107 ABY, and returned to Slokana, Tristchana, and lived quietly, knowing that his son could handle the large operation that had spread throughout the galaxy.


Wayne III became ill with incurable cancer in 129 ABY, just after his 103rd birthday. He revealed to his son, that there was a small mutation within the Deadmerit DNA that allowed them to remain younger, for a little longer. He also claimed that his father had lived to be 125, before dying of old age. He fought the cancer bravely, but in the end cancer won, and claimed his life in 130 ABY, dying at the age of 104.

Personality and Traits

Wayne III tended to be more of a gentleman, not resorting to aggession unless he had to. He usually was a humble individual, often reciting lessons that his father had taught him, when he went through his training, reminding his fellow mercenaries in the organization, that he went through the same training that they did, and that he got no special treatment just because he was Son of Wayne Jr. He often taught the young men and women who entered his academy in Complex 41 on Tristchardi, that even if you come from a special background, you're all the same inside, and it's what's inside that counts in battle.

Very intelligent, Wayne III was quite the stategist when it came to drawing up the best plans for battle. He often employed traps and ambushes of many kinds, throwing his opponents off balance.

Behind the Scenes


Wayne III was developed for the Takanagamo Advent series, as a character to counter-balance all the invicible-dragon characters that are teeming within the series. His grandfather, Wayne Sr., was made during a failed novel series made by Deadmerit, called the O'Connell Martin Chronicals (2007-2009).


Deadmerit wants to thank his family for supporting him, and George Lucas for being a creative writer.


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