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The Water Warriors were a sect of the Gray Jedi that relied on their "Kai" or mental energies to power them. Their force powers and lightsaber forms were based upon agility, whereas Fire Warriors focused on physical power. A Water Warrior used cunning and speed to win a battle, whereas a Fire Warrior used amazing strength and destructive powers. A Water Warrior was, as described by the sect, like water; agile, gentle, but unforgiving. The Water Warriors saw water as one of the most powerful forces on many planets, and it was the sect’s goal to show why that was.


Water Warrior ranks from lowest to highest were:

Water pledge

Water Student I

Water Student II

  • Initiate of Water
  • A Waterfall of Balance
  • Master of Water
  • Tamer of the Nexu
  • Nexu Master

Patron Animal

Their patron animal was the Nexu.

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