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Wasskah Shipyards was the main producer of starships for the Hsskhor Syndicate. Based on Wasskah, a moon of Dosha, the company used the abundant resources, including Chalon ore, to construct a massive number of ships. They created the entirety of the Hsskhor Syndicate's naval fleet.

In 11 AFRE, Wasskah Shipyards began operating out of Ubrikkia as well. The newly colonized planet was another abundance of raw materials, helping them increase ship production. One year later, the Hsskhor Syndicate commissioned the Umbar-class stealth bomber for use in the Hsskhor-Kashyyyk Conflict. Wasskah Shipyards designed the bombers utilizing Umbaran stealth technology, and they were released in 15 AFRE. In that same year, the Hsskhor Syndicate captured the Rakatan computers on Kashyyyk, providing Wasskah Shipyards with schematics that would be used to design the Infinite-class carrier for missions farther into the galaxy.

After contact with other galactic civilizations, including the Sith League, the Syndicate desired protection for annexed worlds. To this end, Wasskah Shipyards developed the Jahumba-class defense station.


Products of Wasskah Shipyards included:


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