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Warrick McQuarrie was a Human male bounty hunter from Mandalore. He primarily took on government contracts, regarding the private sector as a dishonest, messy business fraught with treachery and ethical issues. He eventually retired from hired mercenary work and became a bodyguard and liaison between the galactic government and Mandalore due to his intimate relations between both parties and his ability to communicate and diffuse political issues. He became adept in political matters because of his close affiliation to politicians and was urged by Mandalore to represent them as a senator but declined citing his past as a hunter leading to issues as an ethical and transparent leader and equally because he felt he was best suited more as an advisor and protector. He also deeply cherished his relative freedom and privacy, which would all but vanish as a true public servant.



Warrick was born in 36 BBY on Mandalore. Warrick grew up immersed in the Mandalorian traditions and society. He grew up under the care of his mother until he was a preteen. He was then given over for Mandalorian training.

Early life

Jango fett 5

A Mandalorian showing off Warrick's future armor set while brandishing his blasters.

When Warrick turned fourteen years old, in 22 BBY, he received his own set of armor, complete with all the usual refinements: Flamespewer, whipcord, jetpack, and helmet. He trained diligently seeking to honor his family's name and respect the society that had given birth to him and sheltered his family for generations. His uncle had been charged with tutoring and mentoring the young McQuarrie, ensuring that he would be a strong, wizened member of Mandalore civilization and a solid member of their famed army.

Unfortunately a conflict between the true Mandalorians and the Death Watch—a splinter group of Mandalorians that sought money and blood over honor, ethics and legacy;also a power–hungry group desperate to usurp their rival's power over their home planet—had severely weakened and fractured the army, while devastating their planet which forced the Republic and Jedi Order to intervene. Their intervention saved Mandalore at the cost of the army being disbanded, the government sanctioned and the Death Watch hunted down and destroyed or imprisoned.

Warrick subsequently had no use for his training and his dedication toward being a great member of the esteemed army had become irrelevant. Unwilling to share his uncle's fate— distraught and depressed over losing everything he ever knew and worked for, and being a senior officer presiding over the the ultimate destruction of it, committed suicide—Warrick struck out on his own to the wider galaxy. He found work as a mercenary, smuggler and as a bounty hunter frequently because of his training and expertise. The last profession eventually his most common service and the one called upon by his future employer most often.

Bounty hunting

Bounty-hunter jango shoot 1600x1200

Warrick in his armor at the start of his career as a bounty hunter.

From 12 BBY to 7 BBY Warrick made a career as a bounty hunter. Unlike most freelance bounty hunters that worked for specific crime bosses, or the highest bidder, he chose to take on government contracts. He took on the contracts of a rebel government, that opposed the Human Imperium, to get vengeance on his perceived enslavers. He did occasionally take contracts to hunt down criminals and citizens in massive debt, but he liked to stick close to what the government had to offer, especially since it paid the most and offered repeat business.

He took contracts to hunt down Imperium slavers and war criminals that murdered POWs. He specifically liked to hunt the higher ranked members of the Imperium military, because he considered them "cowards that enslaved his people".

After the war was completed, he was recruited as a government liaison to the Jedi Order, he would contact and communicate with the Jedi Order for the Republic.

Weapons and armament


Warrick showcasing his full arsenal.

Warrick carried dual Westar-34 blaster pistols. He used them as his primary protection throughout his formative and sub-adult years. He had a pair of wrist gauntlets, one as a flamespewer and the other housed an all-purpose whipcord and blade. He carried a jetpack, on his back, equipped with a missile.

He wore a helmet equipped with a T-shaped visor with polarized lenses that cut down on sunlight and explosive glare. It also had infrared and night vision which gave him the advantage in many fights and duels. The helmet was equipped with a scanner and information relay built in via an information antenna. The antenna was lowered from an upright position to a position directly in front of his line of sight to readily provide him with needed intelligence. He wore the traditional Mandalorian chest plate armor, shoulder armor and leg armor. A navy-colored flight suit and boots protected his body from the elements. He wore dual blaster holsters for his Westars and a utility belt that held many things, such as food packages and a com-link.

Behind the scenes

Jango Kamino

Warrick's T-visor.

The last name of Warrick McQuarrie is a tribute to Ralph McQuarrie the artist responsible for the look of Star Wars in the Original Trilogy and for the look of Jurassic Park, the favorite film of the creator of Warrick McQuarrie.

Warrick's name went through many changes, from several variations of "Rhen Var" McQuarrie to the final version, Warrick McQuarrie. He now has no trace of "Rhen Var" in his name.

Warrick is meant to be the resident Mandalorian involved in I'm the Chosen One's series, as well as one of the token bounty hunters. He was originally going to be the founder of the Gray Paladin sect of the Jedi Order, a Star Wars faction that upheld the Jedi traditions less strictly and utilized blasters and armor. The Jedi future for Warrick was eliminated upon further analysis of the character and to have less Jedi characters in the saga.

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