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Danstari: “I really didn't sign up for this.
Lani: “I know, you were chosen.
Danstari: “'Reassigned' would be more accurate.

— Danstari and Asana Lani on working for Special Agent Evening Delwynn[src]

Waron Danstari was a pilot who served under Special Agent Evening Delwynn on the Major Case Response Unit in the Governmental Investigative Network. He piloted Delwynn's vessel, Mally, during the Seswenna Security Crisis and also fulfilled duties as an investigator.


Hailing from Coruscant, Danstari grew up in a middle class area of the city-planet. He had never been offworld by the time he enrolled in the Judicial Forces, having a desire to be a pilot and explore the galaxy. He was trained and served as the chauffeur for various bureaucrats, including Senator Servius Valorum of his native Coruscant. He was charged with piloting and maintaining Valorum's diplomatic flagship, the Averre. Due to some "blunders" in his career, he was passed over for promotion and advancement opportunities. These incidents were misunderstandings that led to faulty paperwork, poor service records with one senator, and a reprimand for allegedly not following the orders of a female officer—all charges of which he was later cleared. When Delwynn needed a pilot while investigating the dealings of Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor, Danstari was reassigned at Senator Valorum's request. The move seemed to be a demotion for the pilot, who had no investigative work. Delwynn, herself, expressed skepticism about adding Danstari to the team, citing another talented Ithorian she passed over to make the spots necessary for him and a Jedi. He was assigned the position with Delwynn about 703 BBY, joining the team on the moon Qina in the Outer Rim not long thereafter.

After joining the team, Danstari was quickly brought up-to-date about the investigation. He was forced into on-the-job training as an investigator when Hanik Regueny was assassinated on Eriadu. He continued to be an essential part of the team due to the limited resources at hand and facilitated in the investigations into the death of Torrik Samit, dealings of Czerka Arms and Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises, and the causes behind a biological terrorist attack that started on Seswenna and spread to other systems.

Personality and traits

Danstari was a sociable and outgoing individual, one who used sarcasm, jokes, and playful comments as a means of passing the time. Even so, he was focused and dedicated to his job. He was hurt by the frequent passing over for promotion and blamed himself for these so-called "blunders." He periodically had mild run-ins with Delwynn over his personality, questioning whether or not he was cut out for such as task as investigative police work. On the whole, however, he focused on the task at hand. Having never married, an attraction sparked between him and coworker Asana Lani during the travels aboard the Mally.


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