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The Warhammer-class heavy cruiser, also Warhammer-class warship, was a ship developed by Cybe Drives and Cerci IV Drive Yards to replace the aging Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser.


The Warhammer-class slightly resembled the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser and the Bothan Assault Cruiser. The ship was shaped in length rather than width, much like the Bothan assault cruiser. The ship was armed with basic armament produced by Cyber Arms, mainly CA-1013 cannons to allow it to engage enemy ships.


The Warhammer-class heavy cruiser was developed by Cybe Drives and Cerci IV Drive Yards, a joint production. The ship was ultimately released in 100 ABY and was sold to various governments, notably the Aradan Sectorate, the Foronian Governance and the Centrality.

Later on, during the foundation of Dark Reach, the ship regained recognition again and entered service under the Federation of Free Planets, as well as the Varino Imperium and the Fel Empire essentially. Many of these starships were eventually used during the lengthy Infinity War.


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