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The Wardens were a group brought together by Mira Baatch after the Battle of the Sphere to protect the secrets of the darksphere. In the decades after the Force Wars, the lost Rakatan device was re-discovered by Padawans Kel-Ma and Mira’s daughters, Adena Kheldrommas, and Dinara Kheldrommas. Corrupted by its influence, Adena took the darksphere, after Dinara died and Adena killed Kel-Ma, and formed the Cult of the Sphere. This cult was tracked down by a group of Jedi and Dark Jedi, led by Mira and her father Calid Baatch, and defeated on Tatooine.

Adena was captured and sentenced to spend an eternity sleeping in a hyperspace stasis pod. As Adena was being sentenced, Mira took the darksphere and attempted to destroy it, fearing that others would one day try to harness its dark side power. The power of the sphere, however, convinced Mira to simply hide it away. It was the will of the sphere that it be found again, but Mira hoped that its location would remain secret.

After she hid it, Mira formed the Wardens, who studied what she learned from the sphere and swore to protect those secrets, and the location of the sphere, from the galaxy so they did not fall into the wrong hands. The Wardens existed for thousands of years after their founding, and they passed down what they knew from one generation to the next.

The Wardens returned to prominence during the Great Territorial War, when Ussej Padric Bac became a Warden and discovered the location of a number ancient artifacts. Thousands of years later, Skhai Baatch was a Warden and guided Jedi Master Jhon Cordatus in his attempt to learn about Ussej Padric Bac and what galactic secrets Bac discovered during the Great Territorial War.


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