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People of the New Galactic Republic Senate, With great reluctance, i accept the burden of which was granted to me, with all that i am.
—An excerpt from the newly-elected Supreme Chancellor Leia Organa's acceptance speech.

The War of the Unknown Regions, also known as the Second Galactic Civil War, is an ongoing military conflict between the New Republic and the First Order.

After the Destruction of the Hosnian System and, later, the Destruction of Starkiller Base, The New Republic was heavily crippled, distraught by the loss of most of the New Republic's members of Government.

Remaining Members of the New Republic Senate were desperate to find a new Supreme Chancellor to succeed the late Lanever Villecham. At the same time, Leia Organa rejoined the Senate after pressure from various systems and urged the Senators to not look on her with distrust for her father's actions. After one month in the Senate, Leia Organa won the Supreme Chancellor Election by Popular Vote and enacted the "Second Military Creation Act" which created the New Republic Defense Force, restrengthening the New Republic's military in case the First Order regains their own strength.

At the same time, the First Order is reeling from the loss of Starkiller Base and most of it's military infrastructure. As a result, General Hux was executed for his failure and, later, resurrected through cloning, after Kylo Ren successfully urged Snoke to consider the previous thought of using Clone Armies.

Shortly after, Cloning Facilities, based on the ones on Kamino during the Clone Wars, began to be constructed sporadically to compensate for the losses of thousands of stormtroopers on Starkiller Base, after the construction, Kylo Ren volunteered to be the template for the new Clone Stormtroopers, While the new Stormtroopers are clones of Kylo, they do not share his connection through the force. The Remaining Born Stormtroopers would be assigned as either Field Commanders or Drill Instructors, Combining the old Kaminoan training of Jango Fett clones with modern First Order training.


a Clone Stormtrooper removing his helmet.

In the year 38 ABY, Both Factions recovered from the battle preceding it, the New Republic's forces became the dominant force in the galaxy due to the successful "Remember the Hosnian System" recruitment campaign, as well as most Independent Nations joining the New Republic. The war officially began once spies within the Hosnian System began to report heavy First Order activity within the Unknown Regions, leading to the discovery that the First Order has been restrengthening it's own forces.

Pre-War Edit

I volunteer, Leader Snoke. Like i told our great General Hux, I thought that perhaps you should consider using a Clone Army and i am humbled that you took it into consideration...and made that consideration a reality. Each Republic Soldier that dies by our hand, my mother...will forever be reminded of the death of her dear husband. A reminder, to the Republic, that in every battle, i reap the ashes of their dead.
—Kylo Ren after volunteering to be the template of the new First Order clone army.

Psychological Terror Edit

After the Resistance destroyed Starkiller Base, the New Republic and independent systems allied with the New Republic has experienced a massive wave of terror throughout it's various systems. such as Suicide Bombings on Tatooine in the First Order's name, an Assassination Attempt on Leia Organa's life after her first day in office, Several Bomb-ridden Corellian Corvettes crashing into the Naboo Capital City of Theed, killing thousands of civilians and injuring under 1,000, and graffiti throughout New Republic ecumenopolises, such as Coruscant. Much of the graffiti read "We are the First!" or "Kriff the New Republic!".

These sporadic acts of terrorism also encouraged allied Independent Galactic Nations to join the New Republic as well as call for war against the First Order. These terrorist acts are also responsible for the creation of the New Republic Defense Forces, the NRDF's first missions were to hunt for potential First Order sympathizers, Terrorists employed by the First Order, Organized Criminal Gangs allied with the First Order, and to prevent further First Order, or third party, incursions.

The Siege of Mos Eisley and Operation: Desert Star Edit

One of the most major pre-war operations is Operation: Desert Star, where New Republic Special Forces operatives, accompanied by the 1st Armor Battalion and the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, liberated the Guavian Death Gang-held Mos Eisley, which held major connections with the First Order after the Attack on Starkiller Base.

Shortly before the War, the Guavian Death Gang, who recently and officially aligned itself with the First Order, under the command of an unnamed First Order Sergeant, attacked and occupied the Tatooine Spaceport Town of Mos Eisley, one month after suicide bombers ravaged the town. After successfully occupying the town, The First Order Sergeant ordered the execution of any New Republic sympathizers and defenders during the town's invasion, The aftermath was described by survivors to be a massacre.

During the occupation, the Gang was given it's own complement of tanks by the First Order to ensure that no one escape and alert the Republic. Despite these efforts, The Republic was alerted anyways and sent a Company of New Republic Special Forces operatives called the "204th Spec-Ops Company", the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, and the 1st Armor Battalion and began the Operation.

After the New Republic's Special Forces Company and the Armor Battalion landed on Tatooine, the Armor Battalion and the Fighter Wing began the first stage of the operation. the 1st Armor Battalion engaged the Guavian Death Gang's Armor Regiment on the front lines, Bombing Sorties by Republic Bombers of the 23rd lasted for hours, forcing the remaining Guavian frontline forces to pull back.

After the first stage ended the Gang responded by launching Anti-Armor/Infantry missiles at the New Republic staging ground, damaging many of the Republic's vehicles, the missile barrage finally ended when the second stage finally began, Republic Fighters began to fire on terrorist positions to assist Special Forces infantry when they land, the Company split into several squads to search houses, exfiltrate with survivors, and eliminate any gang troopers, The second stage lasted for a week as Guavian Fighters began to lower in morale and retreat.

After the second stage of the operation came the third stage, capture/arrest of routing enemy forces and investigation, Many Guavian Death Gang members who survived were arrested and taken back to the nearest Republic planet to be tried for war crimes. During the mass arrest, Republic Operatives began to investigate the town to find any links to First Order support as well as interrogating gang members to find out if the First Order assisted in the siege, the investigation and interrogation proven to be a success as many of the dead gang members were found armed with F-11D Rifles and the Guavian Tanks were found to be manufactured by the First Order as well.