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The War of the Resurrected Emperor was a conflict that took place in 50 ABY. It saw the emergency of the resurrected Palpatine and the union of many Imperials with the New Republic. The war ended with the deaths of Adam Harmon who led the True Imperials and Emperor Palpatine.



The Yuuzhan Vong War had restored peace to the Galaxy, and it seemed that peace would last for a long time. But, the New Sith Order, although destroyed during the war, had found a way to stay alive in the form of the Sith Reborn. They were angry at the fall of their brethren, and so devised a plan to return the Galaxy to the Sith.

They decided to resurrect Palpatine again. After doing much research on how to do it, they came across the records of the resurrection crystals. Every Jedi or Sith had to go to Kronos and give some of their life force into a crystal which would preserve them. Even the littlest water would dissolve the crystal and resurrect the host spirit. They formed a fifty-man task force to retrieve Palpatine and Darth Vader's crystals.

The War Begins

In 50 ABY, the task force struck the crystal cave. They were met by the two Guardians, who soundly bet them in a spectacular duel. The leader of the task force threw a Force Paralyze on both Guardians, then fled to the Star Destroyer Grant. There, he and an Imperial scientist threw it into a tank full of water and closed the top of the tank, making sure it would dissolve. It did, and Emperor Palpatine was resurrected. However, he nearly drowned in the water, and by the time they had drained the tank, he was furious. He force-grabbed both men's groins and crushed them, killing both men instantly, showing the first signs of his resurrection madness.

Palpatine did not wait. He at once ordered his secret weapon, a bombship to attack Yavin IV, with a force of 700 stormtroopers and 14 probe droids. The Jedi and their 3,000 man garrison commanded by Wedge Antilles were caught off guard. Some of the fighting erupted in the Jedi Temple itself. Palpatine called off the attack, just long enough for his troops to board support ships. Then, he had his bombship fire. The Jedi and their allies could not find it for it was cloaked, but Rouge 9 flew into the ship, destroying the bombship.

Luke Skywalker had been bothered by visions he had been continually getting about Kronos, and after the battle, he decided to check what was going on. He left Tenel Ka in charge of the Temple while he went searching for it (with the help of Wedge Antilles coordinates.

The Galactic Empire Splinters

Palpatine was not at all riled by his defeat at Yavin. As a matter of fact, it only proved the worth of his bombships. Nine of the temples on Yavin IV had been destroyed, and only when an enemy pilot had been ingenious enough to ram his ship into an enemy he could not see. He was determined to capitalize on his super weapons success, and knew that there was one person that could give him what he needed.

If he thought Vice Admiral Adam Harmon would turn over and do his bidding like a lap dog, he was sorely mistaken. Harmon had no love for the Emperor, and when Palpatine demanded the Deed for the Graveyard of Super Star Destroyers, he meet a person unwilling to give it up. They argued for a bit, then Palpatine stormed off, taking control of the whole guard in the room and taking the troops with him. He then exiled Harmon to the New Republic.

Harmon was not about to go under without a fight, and sent word to all the officers of the fleet and told them of what had happened and asked for support. It came in the form of 50 Star Destroyers, and 1,000 support ships. Although he did not have enough to fight the Emperor out right, he still left with this fleet and at once conceived a plan to pull the Republic into an alliance.

Murder of Corran Horn

Corran Horn and Jacen Solo had become a team over the years, and they nearly always dueled, to hone their fighting skills. Tenel Ka watched them every day Luke Skywalker was gone, and one day, they fought a particular fierce duel. Jacen had fallen over, and shut down his lightsaber to accept the help Corran gave to stand up. The lightsaber reactivated itself with it being fully charged, and Corran was killed.

Tenel Ka became furious at the death, and drew her own lightsaber. Jacen Solo, shocked and horrified by what had happened, fled the Temple on a star fighter. While this happened, the real culprit, a Dark Jedi, left the Temple and reported to Palpatine on Bastion. Palpatine leaked the story back to the New Republic, and Jacen Solo was outlawed for Horns' death.

Alliance of the New Republic and Vice Admiral Harmon

Adam Harmon knew he could not win without the aid of the New Republic. So, he went to Coruscant (despite the objections of more then a few officers of his fleet) and meet with Divilan Sivilain, the New Republic's Chief of State. Harmon was not able to persuade the Quarren to help them, but when he left, the man abruptly changed his mind and sanctioned a union. This gave Harmon the accurate impression that Sivilain was a man who couldn't make up his mind.

Hunt For Jacen Solo

Luke Skywalker arrived at Kronos and was meet by the Guardians. He told them the dire situation of the Republic and demanded to know why Kronos had bothered his dreams. The younger Guardian told him of the crystals and why they were important, and even offered to perform the ritual on Luke. He declined, but asked for the crystal of his father.

They gave him the crystal, and he dissolved the crystal in a glass of water. Anakin Skywalker, resurrected, agreed to help the New Republic. They had barely left Kronos when they were meet by the Millennium Falcon, and Han Solo told them of what happened at the Temple.

Luke changed his course and followed them to a planet, where they landed and planned their next move. They were meet by a Dangros bounty hunter who claimed to have spoken with Jacen the month before. He said Jacen had gone to Xobah.

They went to Xobah, and used the Force to guide them to land where Jacen had been living. Jacen, surprised by guests and having stopped using the Force, had gone out to greet them, only to late seeing who the occupants were. He bolted and ran when he saw Luke Skywalker.

Luke and Anakin bolted after him and tackled him. They dragged him back to the Falcon where they convinced him that he could clear his name. He finally relented when he felt Tenel Ka through the Force, trying to find him.

Campaign: Graveyard

Palpatine and Harmon had a personal vendetta against each other. The Graveyard of Super Star Destroyers lay at the heart of the matter, and it became a race to see who could get there first. Harmon won the race by a mere day, and ordered the commander of the garrison that guarded the Super Star Destroyers while they were repaired, Colonel Tobias Marvin, to prepare for the arrival of the Emperor. Palpatine arrived the next day, and demanded the surrender of the Super Star Destroyers.

Harmon refused, and the battle begun. The Emperor threw 30 Star Destroyers against the 20 Harmon had, and the two fleet battled furiously. AT the heart of the battle was the ISD Vader, flagship of Harmon. The Emperor's fleet tried to destroy it, but the ships allied with Harmon fought to keep the Vader afloat. The ground base fell, and one of the Super Star Destroyers was commandeered and taken out of the battle.

Suddenly, Rouge Squadron (recently resupplied with new pilots to make up for the losses at Yavin IV) arrived with the Millennium Falcon. Their arrival turned the battle in their favor, but suddenly the battle nearly ended in abrupt failure when the Emperor revealed his newest bombship. Anakin Skywalker however was able to sense the main power source and destroyed it, nearly killing the Emperor and Vader in the resulting destruction. They barely escaped.

Operation Invincible

For the next two months, Emperor Palpatine launched an operation which was meant to drive a wedge into the New Republic. He constructed 10 new bombships and sent them against certain points. There were mainly skirmishes, but they were nearly all Imperial success. One of the greatest defeats was the ambush of Rogue Squadron, of which all members except their leader, Midge Wire, were captured.

Harmon devised a way to counter this threat, and once his Super Star Destroyers were all fixed up, he sent ships to Kamino, where 5 million clones were picked up and taken to the Graveyard. He then launched these ships to certain point along hyperspace routes, and his five SSDs destroyed five bombships as they were moving along.

This loss was quickly known by Palpatine, and he waited until he could snag the Vader by itself. The time came when Harmon's wife, Callista arrived. He then launched five dreadnoughts and two Star Destroyers. For two hours the ships fought, but suddenly a TIE dove kamikaze into the command bridge. It missed the bridge by a mere foot, but many beams were broken and almost all the bridge crew were killed. Harmon was saved by the sacrifice of his wife, who died. Harmon was forced to abandon his beloved Vader as it became a floating wreck.

The Alliance Strikes Back

Palpatine gloated over his newest victories. He decided to offer peace to the New republic, and he sent a broadcast through the entire New Republic, telling them they had lost and were now about to be hit by the largest fleet in history, 200 Star Destroyers and 5,000 support ships. He told them that the Jedi could not save them, and that the war was all over for any real intent and purposes.

The New Republic reacted quickly enough, but not fast enough. Within a day, 2,000 systems sided with the Empire, and 5,000 more considered it. Divilan Sivilain ordered all ships of the allied fleet to attack the Zarnoth gathering point, and ordered the Jedi to board the Emperor's Pride and to kill the Emperor.

Showdown at Zarnoth

High Admiral Morrow Stang was able to gather 100 starships, and launched for hyperspace. The Jedi went at the same time, and got there first. They were on the Imperial shuttle Tiderium the same one they had used to bypass the Imperials at Endor. Anakin Skywalker gave the appropriate code "The Emperor is the Guardian of the Galaxy," and despite its ancientness (It was 80 years old) it cleared and the landed in the docking bay of the Emperor's Pride. The Jedi were able to infiltrate the ship up to the third level where they happened to enter during a training session of 300 cadets. The six Jedi were able to cut through them with ease, and after they reached the fourth level, they split up. Jacen went to find Rouge Squadron and the rest continued to the eight level, where they were able to to discover that they were near the bridge.

Stang entered the system and at once launched into fierce combat with the Emperor's fleet. The battle was in doubt for a while, until Rouge Squadron was rescued and was able to blast out of the Emperor's Pride. Even then, the battle could still have been won by Palpatine. If he could destroy the Jedi, the New Republic would be unable to infiltrate the ship and truly win.

He ordered 300 Dark Jedi to follow him and Vader to the ninth level and stop the Jedi. The Dark Jedi fought four of the Jedi, but Darth Vader was explicitly ordered to fight Anakin and Luke alone. Most of the Dark Jedi were killed almost instantly. Vader knocked both Jedi out, but was distracted by Mara Jade, who leaped forward to defend her husband. He grabbed her in a Force Strangle, lifted her off her feet and pulled her into his lightsaber, killing her.

Leia jumped in, cut Vader's hand off and Anakin stabbed him through the back, killing Vader instantly. The last Dark Jedi was slain and the Jedi gained up on Palpatine. Palpatine sneered at their attempt and launched himself into a fierce attack, driving the Jedi back. He was able to kill Leia Organa. By what it looked he would win.

Adam Harmon watched the battle turn for the New Republics' favor. He turned command over to Kevin Rasmussen and went to the Emperor's Pride. He jumped into the duel and was killed after a fierce duel. Jacen Solo then jumped in, and stabbed Palpatine in the heart. Palpatine exploded, and the Jedi fled the ship.

With the death of Palpatine, the Allied Fleet rained fire into the Imperials, destroying the bombship and making the rest of the fleet rout. The war was over.


The Wars' end had renewed ties between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. It showed them the value of the alliance, so they made the Galactic Treaty, which made a strong alliance between the two nations. However, the fighting had not ended. The Second Yuuzhan Vong war had just begun, but it would be easier now that the New republic didn't have to fight on two fronts.

Jacen Solo married Tenel Ka, and united the Hapan Confederation and the New Republic, making the galactic treaty even stronger. The defeat of the Sith Reborn would be hard to change, but they knew that one day they would return in better power. The victory of the Light Side of the Force also had one last surprise. Padme Amidala was resurrected too.

Behind the Scenes

The war came from the author's wanting to explore an era not explored before. Many of the ideas came from the Star Wars movies, although quiet a few came from other sources. This was one of the first series written by the author, and saw the appearance of a character that would become famous in the Harmon/Lucas Universe: Adam Harmon.

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