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The War for the Koornacht Cluster, often put as the War for the Koornacht or the Koornacht Crisis, was a small war between the Yevethan Protectorate, led by Supreme Yevethan Kai Spaar and the Galactic Alliance Remnant, led by Admiral Gar Stazi until the Yevethan Treaty.


New Yevethan leadership

A new leader had emerged on N'zoth among the Yevetha, assassinating his rivals in his path to leadership. Kai Spaar took control of N'zoth and reformed the Yevethan Protectorate, with himself as naval commander and Chief of State of the Protectorate. Kai's ambitions led him to forging a plan to recapture the Koornacht Cluster, much like the Duskhan League did a hundred years ago.


Former Yevethan worlds


The battle of ILC-803 was the ment the start of the war, with the planet being assaulted as part of Supreme Yevethan Kai Spaar's plans to recapture the remainder of the Koornacht Cluster.


Doornik-628A soon followed, being attacked by Kai Spaar and his new ships in 143 ABY with his renewed navy.


Soon, one of the former planets owned by the Duskhan League, Polneye, was attacked by Kai Spaar, as Nil Spaar formerly owned it.


The Yevethan Protectorate attacked Doornik-207 as their one-to-final move of the campaign.

New Brigia

As the last sizable battle of Kai Spaar's campaign for the Koornacht Cluster, the planet New Brigia was assaulted by the Yevethan Protectorate.

Continued campaigns


J't'p'tan, officially never owned by the Duskhan League, was assaulted by the Yevethan Protectorate and subsequently renamed to what most name it, Doornik-628E.


Leaving the Koornacht Cluster, Kai Spaar assaulted Galantos as part of their annexation campaign, justifying it by their former betrayal to the Yuuzhan Vong.

Assassination of Gar Stazi

Gar Stazi, in retaliation to the planets in the Koornacht Cluster, requested to meet Kai Spaar. Gar, which didn't have reports of the updated navy, went with his Alliance and a few of his ships to meet Kai over Coruscant, suggesting Kai's surrender.

Kai arrived at the meeting with his new Warfleet, prepared to strike against Stazi's forces. Gar realized that the Yevetha had renewed their navy, but still requested to speak with Kai using hologram communicators. Kai and Gar continued to negotiate Kai's surrendering, but this wasn't an option for Kai. When Kai ultimately declined, Stazi's forces prepare to leave, when Kai gave the signal to attack Gar's forces.

Kai's attack on Gar's forces came as a surprise, but Gar quickly retaliated and engaged Kai's forces. Kai's Intimidator-class destroyers outclassed Gar's forces, having constructed a costly but highly powered vessel. Gar's forces slowly came down, crashing to the surface of Coruscant.

Gar's Alliance was one of the remaining vessels of the fleet, but eventually, too, was crashed by the overwhelming Yevethan vessels. Kai quickly retreated to the Koornacht cluster to ensure it's protection, leaving the Galactic Alliance Remnant in devastation to the loss of their leader, requesting to reform the organization.


The death of Admiral and leader of the Galactic Alliance Remnant, left the organization all but destroyed, being leaderless once again. Soon, negotiations were held to reorganize the faction, stating the faction had become war-torn during the Second Imperial Civil War, as well as the loss of their current leader.

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