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WESTAR Company was a Mandalorian arms manufacturer that was based on Concordia and was a subsidiary of the Concordian Crescent Technologies, which was itself a division of MandalMotors Incorporated.

Besides blasters, WESTAR Company also manufactured vibroblades, personal shield generators, and thermal detonators.


Weapons produced by WESTAR were the most common among Mandalorians during and after the Great Clan Wars, and were considered by its users to be the most reliable weapons found across the Mandalore sector. The reliability of WESTAR blasters even led to them being of high value in various black markets across the galaxy, and the Grand Army of the Republic even used some of WESTAR's designs among their special forces after the company's purchase by BlasTech in 23 BBY.

A scandal ensued regarding WESTAR's purchase by BlasTech, as MandalMotors and its subsidiaries were known suppliers for the numerous Mandalorian clans and militias that opposed the Galactic Republic and the Duchy of Mandalore and would later support the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Many progressive members of the Galactic Senate berated BlasTech's chief executive officer for "buying from an enemy force". While WESTAR's president clarified that they were know longer selling weapons to insurgents in the Mandalore sector, they continued to do so through third-party black market organizations.

Notable products

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