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Vulture-class Heavy Droid Starfighter, or Vulture-class Heavy Battle Droid, was a modified version of the Trade Federation's Vulture droid starfighter that was shared technology with Nakamura Industries, who then did not hesitate to modifiy the droid with heavier weapon systems than the Federation's version.

The Vulture's armour plating was fitted with heavier armour as well as being fitted with more, or upgraded, weapons than the original. The droid had two modes, the starfighter and walker mode which both had a different set of weapons for each other.

This starfighter also saw combat during the Clone Wars after the Confederacy of Independent Systems succeeded independence from the Galactic Republic. The Vulture-class Heavy Starfighter proved to be an excellent opponent and match for the Trade Federation's Vulture droids. The droid was also classified as a droid hybrid.



The Starfighter mode was fitted with six upgraded heavy blaster cannons and four upgraded ion torpedo launchers for its armament and offense against other hostile craft and starfighters. It generally was considered an anti-Vulture to combat other rogue vulture droids if members of the Trade Federation went rogue and use vultures to combat the Federation.


The Walker mode of the droid was fitted with four upgraded heavy quad laser cannons and two upgraded concussion missile launchers for defense and offense against hostile ground forces in which it was mostly used for. The walker mode was considered the default mode for the droid as well as being the deadliest when used in ground operations.


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