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Vrik Shaar, was a Jedi Guardian and Jedi Knight also the husband of Leria Larso, born on Dantooine, who was a survivor of Order 66.His childhood was filled with fear and depression, due to the mandalorions, and the seperatist battle droids. He lived in exile for a year, with the Empire occupation. He led a small group of elite Clone soldiers, who defected Order 66, but lost most of soldiers, when he was took captive by the Empire. He was unconscious, when he was captured by the Empire, but soon after he was captured, he woke up, in a Imperial Star Destroyer medical bay, but didn't remember anything, but his name.......

Early Life (42 BBY- 36 BBY)

Vrik, lived most of his early life on Dantoonine, on a small farm, with his family. His family was very poor, and could barely afford for any food, but managed to survive for what they had.


Since, the Shaar family was poor, Vrik, had to start working when he was three years old. He has been working on the family farm for most of his early life. The Shaar family worked for the Mandalorion raiders, since they said - "You will give us most of the food you harvest, or you will be speaking to my blaster!" After hearing that, Vrik was frighten, of what might happen to him, if they don't have a successful harvest.

Working for Mandalorions

As his life went on, the Mandalorions became more harsh, and started to kill some of workers, that were supplying their ammo, and food. Vrik felt lucky that his family wasn't going to be killed, yet.......


When Vrik was about six years old when the Seperatist droids started to battle against the Mandalorions. The Mandalorions took all men and put them in battle, Vrik never saw his father again. Soon the Separatist bombed the farm, while his mother was farming, but when Vrik came home, the farm was in flames!

Becoming a Jedi

Soon, after the death of his parents, Vrik has been on escaping the Mandalorions, but they keep on hunting him down. Everyday, he would encounter a Mandalorion, but barely surviving, and every night, he would lay awake, shivering in the cold and fear. Until one day, when the Republic finally sent help to Dantooine. Vrik, encountered a Jedi Master, named, Plo Koon. Plo took Vrik to the Jedi Temple on Corusant, since he sensed, the force inside of him. Plo discussed about Vrik to the council. Soon after discussing Vrik, he was invited to meet the council.

Yoda:"Master Plo, brought you to the temple, did he not?"

Vrik:"Yes, he did master...."

Mace:"Well then we should begin your initial training...."

Initial Training

Vrik, was told that the initial training is long and difficult, but he managed to find it easy, and quick, he finsihed the training in 2 months, and created his lightsaber on his first try, but that wasn't the end of his training, he still had one more task to become a padawan: Find and capture a separatist spy, who has infiltrated the Jedi temple.

Once identfing who he was after, and the current location, he quickly went that location, and captured him, easily....

Life as a Jedi

*NOTE* Some of these stories aren't in time order

Padawan Training

Soon after his initial training, Vrik has been assigned to become the padawan of Master Plo Koon.

Plo:"Vrik, I was the one who brought you to the order, and I shall be the one who trains you to be a Jedi."

Vrik:"Thank you, master......"

Plo, taught Vrik everything that he knew, from lightsaber combat to Force abilities. They both meditated when necessary.

Mission To Shili

Vrik's first mission with his master, to Shili.

Vrik:"Is, somthing troubling you, master?"

Plo:"Yes, there is somone here, strong with the force...."


Plo:"Hard to explain, Vrik..."

Vrik:"We should begin our search then!"

Plo:"Very well..."

Once they landed in the village, Plo sensed the force was strong with, Plo meditated, while Vrik searched, but by Plo was done, Vrik was searching the house with the force-sensitive being is....

Togruta:"Why have you come here!"

Plo:"Your daughter....She is strong with the force....."

Togruta:"Ahsoka?You mean Ahsoka?"

Vrik:"Yes, I sense it,  your daughter; Ahsoka, is strong with the force."

Togruta:"Ahsoka! Come down here!"

Ahsoka:"Coming mother! Wh- who are they?"

Togruta:"These are Jedi, they say 'you are strong in the force' ."


Plo:"Yes, you. There isn't anything to fear of, you have a gift, a gift of the force..."

Vrik:"Its true. Me and my master wish to take you in to the Jedi order, defenders of peace...."

Ahsoka:"Mom, what do you think?"

Togruta:"Ahsoka, the choice is entirerly yours!"

Ahsoka:"Ok, I want to become a Jedi!"

Plo:"Lets bring you to the temple..."

The Jin'Ha

While Vrik's training progressed, the Jedi Council discovered a terrorist group, known as  "The Jin'Ha". The Council also mentioned that they were sythesezing cortosis ore on the planet of Obredaan.The Council also instructed both Master Koon, and Eeth Koth to investigate, but Koon told Vrik, that he will not be coming. Vrik was sadden, when his master didn't come back for a while, but Master Qui-Gon Jinn, and his padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi requested if they had Vrik to join them to rescue Eeth and Koon. Vrik accepted immediatlly.

Once they were on Obredaan, Qui-Gon told Kenobi and Vrik to hide quickly. Qui-Gon was soon captured by the Jin'Ha, but Kenobi and Vrik eventually broke into the Jin'Ha compound and escaped the planet.

Clone Wars

Arena Battle

Vrik, was sent to Geonosis to rescue Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padawan Anakin Skywalker, and Senator Padme Amidalla. Vrik battled through several droids, and Geonosians, but the battle was over quickly. The remaining Jedi formed a circle, having their weapons read incase of another attack. But when it looked like the end, Republic Gunships started attacking the droids, and deploying Clone Troopers, and resucing the Jedi. 

Battle of Geonosis

Vrik was deployed behind some AT-TE's when the battle of Geonosis was at hand. He led a small clone squad alongside his master Plo Koon. There was several challenges that they had to go through for victory. The battle was harsh, several troops died, but alot still lived to fight another day.

Soon after the battle, Vrik, was Knighted, and earned the title "Jedi Knight".

Vrik's Legion

Vrik's legion is known as the 522nd Elite Corps. The 522nd is an elite legion, which was sent to the major battles of Clone wars to provide assistance to the main legion, or they lead the main attack themselves.

Notable Cruisers of the 522nd

  • Ventor attack Cruiser "The Destroyer"
  • Ventor attack Cruiser "The Locator"
  • RAS "The Igniter"

Notable Companies:

  • Aplha Company
  • Gamma Company
  • Beta Company

Notable members:

  • Commander "Shadow"
  • Lieutenant "Breaker"
  • Lieutenant "Shift"
  • Sergeant "Shock"
  • Sergeant "Wrath"
  • Trooper "Chaos"
  • Trooper "Slack"

Known Battles

  • Battle of Krant
  • Battle of Muunilinst
  • Battle of Jabiim
  • Battle of Ryloth
  • Battle of Duro
  • Battle of Anaxes
  • Battle of Rendili
  • Battle of Boz Pity

Battle of Ryloth

Shortly after the battle of Geonosis, The 522nd corps were sent to Ryloth to begin the assaults on the Seperatist. When Vrik's fighter squadron was off, he ordered all units to take a stationary post, until the droids started rushing in. Soon, Vulture droids were launched in large numbers. Then Vrik ordered all units to offensive formations, then the space battle began. Once the vulture droids were destroyed, Vrik ordered the cruisers to launch the Y-wings, and ordered his squad to cover the bombers while they bombed the droid cruisers. The mission was long and difficult, but the droids were destroyed in the space battle, and the 522nd began landing on Ryloth.....

When Vrik landed, he took Commander Shadow and his company to secure the landing site. They began to deploy ARF scouts to scout further ahead as well. They reported that the droids made a stronghold around a Twi'lek village. But Vrik knew what to do: He'd set up clone squadrons surrounding the village, and when given the signal, they would invade, and take over and free the village. When the signal was given, Vrik and his squad moved inside the village seeing droids and clones being shot down. Everything was going as planned, until a T-series tatical droid had his gun pointed at a Twi'leks head.

Tatical droid:"Lay down your weapons, or her life is gone!"

Vrik:"Ok I surrender...."

Soon after "surredering" Vrik has ordered a clone sniper to shoot down the Tatical droid, he had only one shot. But when the shot was fired, it was a head-shot! Soon after freeing the rest of the village, the 212th legion came in and helped 522nd in their campaign.

Battle of Krant

Soon after the Battle of Ryloth, Vrik and his legion are deployed to Krant to end the seperatist occupaction. The battalion started to move out to the northern part of Krant, which is the area the droids have more control of Krant.

They were undetected at first, but some probes reported their position, then the droids sent out their army, then the battle of Krant began......

Vrik ignited his lightsaber, charged at several droids, alongside Shadow. While Vrik was fighting, he saw clones and droids fall to death. But he still kept fighting, droid after droid! The Battalion managed to make it towards the seperatist command base, and destroyed it.

Battle of Muunilinst

After the Battle of Krant, The 522nd has been sent to Muunilinst to help, the 212th legion on their assault on Muunilinst.

Obi-wan:"Vrik, its nice to see you again...."

Vrik:"Its nice to see you too. But not the time for reunions. Whats the status on the situation?"

Obi-Wan:"Right...Well the droids are holding their ground at the moment."

Vrik:"'Ok, I will send my Legion down now....."

Once the legion landed, the were going straight into a fire-fight; Blaster fire coming at every direction. Clones getting shot down as well as the droids! But soon the droids fell back, then Vrik ordered Y-wing bombers to bomb the droids as they fell back. The droid were obliterated.

Search on Jabiim

As the Clone Wars progressed on, Vrik has traced a distress signal coming for Jabiim. He quickly contacted the source of the signal and, on the holo-table was Anakin Skywalker.

Vrik:"Anakin! Whats going on there?"

Anakin:"The droids are outnumbering our troops, and we are pulling back for now, but its only a matter of time!"

Vrik:"Calm down! Where Obi-Wan?"

Anakin:"I don't know. We lost contact with him when he was confronted by Ventress...."

Vrik:"Ok, I am on my way!"

Once on the surface, the field was a barren wasteland;clones, and droids lying dead on the ground, scorch marks everywhere. Everybody wondered what happened? How could anybody survive this! Vrik stopped, and tried to sense Kenobi. But there was nothing. No force power, all that he could sense was Skywalker.

Vrik, knew he didn't have much time for anything now, he told Skywalker that he had to go, he understood.

Battle of Duro

Soon after failing to rescue Kenobi, Vrik has 'other' plans. He was assigned by the council to liberate Duro. He recieved word that a squad of commandos has destroy some of the capital ships to make it easier to take Duro.

When they began the attack, Vrik was taking out the cruisers easy: Targeting their bridge and engines. Soon after the orbit of Duro was free from the seperatist. He then ordered all assault ships to land on the surface.....

As the assault ships landed on the surface, there was alot of surface fire, ships crashing down one by one, including Vriks. Shortly after his ship crashed, he quickly, got up, pushed open the hatch, ignited hiis lightsaber, ran outside on the surface. He assaulted several droids, and soon Commander Shadow started to come in with the remainder of the troops in the LAAT. They managed to destroy several droids, they made camp, and made contact with the Republic.

Republic Officer:"I'm sorry General. Reinforcements are currently unavailable..."

Vrik:"We just took on five whole squads of droids, including tanks! If the Seperatist send another group or more like that, we can't take it!"

Shadow:"Sir, I just made a head-count: We lost ten units, and we have nine troops left, eleven if you include us too..."

Vrik:"Ok, thank you, Shadow."

Republic Officer:"Well, while your waiting, there is a droid bunker near your position, that is causing heavy loses to our troops, if you take out that, I will check if there is any LAATs that can assist you."

Vrik:"Ok, good, I want to free Duro as soon as possible."

As making their way to the droid bunker, they encountered a few clone squads that joined their group. Once at the entrance to the bunker, they blew open the door, assaulted the droids inside, and destroyed them. They soon took control of the bunker, when they were contacted by the Republic Officer.....

Republic Officer:"We've sent a Gun-ship down, the battle is a lost! Once its landed get in!"

Once the Gun-ship landed, Vrik and the remaining troops got inside, and headed straight towards the Destroyer.

Battle of Anaxes

After the defeat at Duro, Vrik and the 522nd was requested to aid in the assault of Anaxes. After accepting the request, Vriks fleet was under way. Once there, the Seperatist fleet was crashing down from orbit. Vrik still needed to help the Republic with the assault. When they were landing, the Seperatist didn't give in easy; surface fire everywhere, cruisers falling from the sky! Vrik had to get the fleet on the ground, fast. He got into his starfighter, and his squadron, and headed out and started to clear the landing zone. The battle to the ground was intense; vulture droids sent to defend, ships exploding and crashing down engulfed with fire. But it wasn't long until the cruisers landed, where clones began to rush out defending their cruisers. Vrik soon landed and jumped out of his starfighter, ignited his lightsaber and began destroying droid after droid, after droid! Soon the rest of the legion came out, and started to join the battle; tanks, speeders, AT-RT's, soldiers fighting through the endless waves of droids. Soon the main legion's attack was sucessful and destroyed the Seperatist command base. Anaxes was liberated......

Battle of Rendili

Soon after Duro, Vrik and his fleet was requested to aid in the assault on Rendili. Once there, Vrik quickly landed in Republic territory. Commander "Cody" gave a breifing on the situation.

Cody:"Thank you for coming, General..."

Vrik:"Your welcome, Commander, now what is the situation?"

Cody:"Well, the droids have us pinned down in several areas of the planet. We've haven't been able to contact them or send a rescue team...."

Shadow:"Let me guess: You want us to rescue these men."

Cody:"Yes, as many as you can. And when you find them, there are several droid bases near these areas, which are providing the droids with extra support."

Vrik:"Doesn't sound too hard. Shadow, get the men the together, we are moving out!"

Shadow:"Yes sir!"

After getting some platoons together, Vrik started to go to the first area. Luckily they encountered no droids until they were at the area, clones were still fighting, and Vrik, and his troops helped the remaining clones. Soon the droids were destroyed, and after that, Vrik and his men started to take out a droid base. On the way to the base, the assaults were intense; droids coming out of every dierection, tanks coming from every open pathway. But Vrik and his men pushed on, overcomed everything that the droids threw at them, and destroyed the Seperatist base, but by the time of that, Rendili was liberated and freed...... 

Battle of Boz Pity

Vrik was completely bored, until there was a message for him. The Republic wanted several Jedi's fleets to help in the assault of Boz Pity, due to reports that the Seperatist had over a hundred warships, and needed just as many to break through. Vrik had no choice but to accept it. After that, his fleet was at the rendvous point for the fleet to gather.

Onc everybody was there, Boz Pity was their next destonation. Once they came out of hyperspace, the Republic began to open fire non-stop. Vrik and his fighter squadron launched soon after they came out of hyperspace, along with several other fighter squadrons. Vrik's squad alone took down seven Seperatist cruisers. But it wasn't lon guntil the battle was over when General Anakin Skywalkers fleet came in for reinforcements.

Life in Exile (Order 66)

The beginning of the end

As the Clone Wars ended, Vrik and his legion where in space when the Order was given. Shadow recieved it but denied it, he told Vrik immediatly. Vrik was very concerned about this, he had to go to the Jedi Temple to see for himself. Once there, the temple was in ruins. He went down with his most trusted men down there, including Shadow. Once there, the 501st was still down there searching for remaining Jedi, but when they spotted Vrik, they opened fired. Vrik quickly ignited his lightsaber and blocked the laser bolts and deflected back at the clones, killing them.....

But soon after that happened, a few clone assasins, set charges above some reckage, right above Vrik and his men. Soon the charges went off, Vrik was badly injured, and was tooken to an Imperial Star Destroyer, along with the other survivors, waiting for the Emporer to arrive......


Vrik was still asleep when he was aboard the Star Destroyer, when he was woken up by Shadow.

Vrik:"Wha? Who are you!?"

Shadow:"Wow, sir you must of tooken a real good blow in the head!"

Vrik:" 'Sir'? What?"

Shadow:"Yep it looks like you lost your memory.....Great......By the way, the names Shadow, and your a Jedi General who served in the Clone Wars, where I served alongside you, and over there is Chaos, Shock, and Breaker."

Vrik:"What!!! Ok, lets just get them up and find a way off this vessel...."

Shadow:"On it. Chaos! Shock! Breaker! Get up!"

Chaos:"What now?"

Shock:"Have we've been captured again?"

Breaker:"Breaker reporting for duty sir!"

Shadow:"Ok, find your gear, and lets go!"

Chaos/Shock/Breaker:"Yes sir!"

Soon after seeing everybody getting their gear, Vrik saw a lightsaber, and a blaster rifle; he didn't know which one to pick, but he decided the rifle, but Shadow quickly jumped in and handed him the lightsaber. Vrik was cofused about this until Shadow told him about that Jedi are susposed to have a lightsaber as a weapon. Also the Force...... They enventually fought through several stormtroopers and made it to the escape pods, and launched down to the planet below; Tatooine......

Trapped on Tatooine

Once they landed, they made their way towards Mos Eisely. Once there, there where several stormtroopers at the entrance, and said they started a planet wide quarentine, and only authourized personel only can leave the planet. They managed to get past the guards then they made their way to the cantina.

Once inside, people began to talk about a famed Republic war hero named: Leria Larso. Then they went over to the bounty applier, and saw a picture of Leria, wanted for 500,000 credits. Nobody knew where she could be, but Vrik heard that maybe the gangs may know.....

In Tatooine, there were two major gangs: The Silent Blades, and The Volcanic Bolts, Vrik heard that the Volcanic Bolts were at war with the Silent Blades, but the Silent Blades were the ones who shoot anyone on sight. So Vrik went to the Bolts base. When he arrived there, the Bolts leader said that Leria was held hostage at the Blades base. Shadow knew that even with low troops they could still get Leria.

Freeing a war hero

Soon after making allies with the Bolts, Vrik and his men headed towards the Blades base. They set a charge at the back entrance, and blew through the door. Once they secured the area, Shock hacked through a terminal and brought up a schematic of the base, then they began to make a plan. They found the room where the holded Leria, and acess the security cameras, they also found the command center, where their leader was. They left Shock there to watch their every move and check if any room is safe. On their way to Leria, they only encountered a few patrols, but killed them easily. When they were at the cell block, there was lots of guards, but they killed them. Once they were at Leria's cell, they breached through it and handed her a blaster rifle.

Leria:"Who are you!?"

Vrik:"My name is Vrik Shaar, Jedi Knight! And these are my troops, Shadow, Chaos and Breaker!"

Shadow:"No time to ask questions now! Just take the rifle and lets go!"


Once out of the cell, Vrik was contacted by Shock.

Shock:"Sir! I just checked the camera in the command center, and then the leader of the Blades just noticed that Leria has escaped her cell, and has came down there to check it out, stay alert!"

Vrik:"Thanks Shock!"

It wasn't long until they encountered the leader of the Blades; Kiyua, and his most powerful guards....

Kiyua:"So the prisoner was freed by a Jedi, and some clones?"

Vrik:"Get out of our way or we will have to kill you to get through...."

Kiyua:"Now what could you do to me inside my base?"

Vrik:"This."(Force Chokes Kiyua/killing him)

Leria:"Well at least their leader is gone...."

Soon after killing Kiyua, the team managed to escape the building. After they escaped they went to the Bolts base and made a report. The Bolts leader was glad and pround, then a Bolts member came up to them and said-

Bolts Member:"You are the guys who broke into the Blades base, right?"

Vrik:"Yes, why?"

Bolts Member:"A Mandalorion, named Hakar Verd is looking for you in the Cantina."

Vrik:"Thanks for the info..."

Soon after getting the message, Vrik went down to the Cantina, and tried to see any Mandalorion, eventually he found him.

Vrik:"Are you Hakar Verd?"

Hakar:"Yes, and you are the ones who broke into the Blades base, and killed their leader, right?"

Vrik:"Yes we are. Now what do you want?"

Hakar:"Well I work for the crime lord Jabba the Hutt, trust me its not an enjoyable time seeing everyone of Jabba's dancers get killed once a week. But I thought anybody as crazy to break into the Blades base and killing their leader, will be crazy enough to break into Jabba's palace, and steal his flagship- The Lightning Eagle!"

Shadow:"Now, why can't you do this?"

Hakar:"Because I can't do it alone, and nobody around here who doesn't work for Jabba won't do it. And I know you want off this dust ball!"

Vrik:"Ok, I'm in, now how will we get inside?"

Hakar:"I already have a plan for that: I'm going to say that you are joing Jabba's army of mercs, then we steal the ship."

Escaping Tatooine

Soon after agreeing with Hakar's plan, Vrik and his team were escorted to Jabba's Palace, and was greeted by Jabba. Jabba was glad to have three clones, a Republic war hero, and a Jedi Knight. A Gammorean Guard escorted them to their room, where Hakar was waiting for them, then they intiated their plan. They killed every guard that saw them, and they managed to steal the Lightning Eagle, and they took off, barely making past the blockade, and escaping Tatooine.......

Joining the Alliance

Shortly after escaping Tatooine, then the Eagle setted out to Alderaan, to take refuge, also to join the Rebel Alliance. Once there, The Rebels traced the Eagle's I&D and noticed it was a imperial signature, and ordered all batteries to open fire at it! The Eagle wasn't hit that much but managed to land, but when they came out, three whole squads of Rebel Commandos were waiting for them.

Rebel Commando:"Who are you?"

Vrik:"My name is Vrik Shaar, Jedi Knight, one of the last surviving Jedi of Order 66! And these guys are my team: Clone Commander Shadow, Clone Lieutenant Breaker, Clone Sergeant Shock, Clone Trooper Chaos, Mandalorion Warrior Hakar Verd, and I think you are familiar with Leria aren't you?"

Rebel Commando:"We already know Leria, and thanks for the introductions, we will take you to see the Senator of Alderaan, Bail Organa, and his daughter, Princess Leia Organa."


After landing on Alderaan, and being greeted by rebel commandos, Vrik and everybody was at the Capital of Alderaan, where they saw Bail Organa and Leia Organa and several other Rebel Leaders, dealing with plans with the war, until they were interuppted by the comamndos.

Bail:"Ah. Sergeant, have dealt with that Imperial ship?"

Rebel Commando:"Yes we have, but even though it was an Imperial ship, we have the crew of the ship and you might be surprised on the crew."

Bail:"'Why's that?"

Rebel Commando:"This."

Vrik:"Hello, Senator. My name is Vrik Shaar, Jedi Knight and one of the last surviving Jedi of Order 66."

Bail:"A Jedi, to fight the empire we will need a Jedi, but more than one perhaps, to fight Vader and his armies. Very well, Vrik, what is your buisness with the Rebellion?"

Vrik:"My buisness with the Rebellion is to join it. I figured Leria already has but the rest of us want to join it."

Hakar:"Hey I only want to join the Rebels to kill Jabba."

Vrik:"You'll get your chance Hakar."

Hakar:"I better."

Bail:"Whats a Mandalorion doing here!"

Hakar:"Why I oughta!"

Vrik:"Calm down both of you! Hakar, you want to join the Rebellion to kill Jabba, right?"


Vrik:"Ok, now Bail you helped form the Rebellion to stop Vader and the Empire, right?"


Vrik:" Good, Jabba and the Empire have a secret alliance that is not mentioned at Mos Eisley. Thats why the Empire seems to have complete control on Tatooine."

Bail:"Thank you for joining, but I have an assignment, for Leria."


Bail:"Ok, now there is a Imperial base on Felucia that are raiding Villages, I want you to destroy that base."

Leria:"Yes sir."

Vrik:"Leria, you can't go alone, its a suicide mission!"

Leria:"This is what I signed up for, but you can come with me, if you want."

Adventure on Felucia

Soon after getting the assignment of Felucia, Vrik, Leria, and Shadow and everybody else boarded the Eagle and made a course to Felucia. When they got to Felucia, there was an Imperial fleet orbiting Felucia....

Shock:"Well this is going to be fun! Hang on!"

After Shock started to pick up the speed, the Eagle began going faster and faster, until they were right next to the fleet. Shock ordered Chaos to man the main canons. Chaos began shooting down several fighters but they managed to land in a huge forest. After they landed, Vrik and the team began to move out to the coordinates of the imperial base. As they began moving, Vrik noticed that Felucian farmers were being held refuge at a Felucian warrior camp. Vrik went to the camp, and a asked a Felucian Warrior Commander where the imperial base was. The Felucian said that it was just north from the camp's exact location. Vrik thanked the Felucian, and gave him good luck on his survival. As they were going northern, they encountered several Imperial soldiers, but easily killed them. Once the base was in veiw, Vrik order Hakar to cause a disturbance that would give Vrik, Leria, Shadow, and everybody else a chance to get inside. Hakar thought it was a suicide mission, but right behind them was two squadrons of Felucian soldiers. Hakar suggested that the Felucians would help him. The Felucian sergeant said that himself and his soldiers would give their life to end the Empire. Shortly Hakar lead the group of Felucians, Hakar blew a hole in a wall where several imperial soldeirs came out, but Vrik and the rest sneaked inside. After they sneaked in, Vrik order Breaker, Shock, and Chaos to destroy the armory while Vrik, Leria and Shadow would destroy the tank depot.


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