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Voss-ka Heavy Shipyards, also known as the Voss-ka Drive Yards was a major manufacturer of starship components for the Voss Confederation and later its successor state the Voss Ascendancy. It developed cutting starfighter, and capital ship designs to be used by the Voss Confederation Defense Forces and the Ascendant military. By the time of the New Republic, it was struggling financially due to new military regulations and its rival Voss-Gorma Heavy Engineering. They only developed starfighters and gunships.

The Voss-ka Heavy shipyards were responsible for the creation of the Bar'senthor-class Star destroyers, and Occulus-class Dreadnoughts, and Eta-class Light corvettes.


Voss-Ka Heavy Shipyards was founded during the Old Republic era. It developed cutting-edge starships for civilian and military use. It along with other Voss Manufactures such as Voss-Gorma Heavy Engineering and Slovin Sublight Systems were part of Kaylen-Un Ascendancy Project which was a massive modernization of the Voss Confederation Defense Army and Navy.

During the clone wars, the Voss-ka Heavy Shipyards developed advanced starfighters they also modified captured Republic and CIS warships and starfighters. Later during the Rebellion era and Galactic Civil war era, it was struggling to compete with Voss-Gorma Heavy Engineering and Slovin Sublight Systems. Voss-ka Heavy Shipyards switched from captial ship production to developing starfighters, bombers, gunships, shuttles, landing craft, and air speeders, atmospheric based strike craft.

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