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The Vorsetous Empire was a prosperous, yet authoritarian empire ruled by Darth Vorsetous aka "Eath Oderus." Formed from the ashes of the Pravus Empire, the Vorsetous Empire was founded upon many Sith principles, though many notable differences were present between Vorsetous' Dark Forces and the ancient Sith.


During the reign of Emperor Pravus, a rebellion stirred up on Mustafar, the Empire's capital. Led by Eath Oderus, the rebellious troops took down the Elite Guard and overtook the main base. Not wanting to risk too many lives, Oderus confronted Darth Pravus on his own.

Wielding his custom-made yellow lightsaber, Oderus dueled one-on-one with Pravus, losing part of his leg in the process. Eventually, Eath rose victorious after throwing Pravus through a window into one of Mustafar's many lava rivers.

With the Capital under control and the Emperor seemingly gone, Eath Oderus swiftly assumed command over the shattered empire wearing Pravus' torn cloak over his own shoulders. Imperial leaders followed at first out of fear, but they soon grew comfortable with Eath's more humane methods of government.


The Vorsetous Empire was run almost entirely militaristically, as Eath, now dubbed "Emperor" or "Darth" Vorsetous, left most legislative power to the respective systems within his own empire. Commanders were appointed to help oversee most military affairs, chosen from Vorsetous close group of friends during his training under Pravus. Vorsetous, his commanders, and Admiral Willium Voggin constituted the superior governing body in the Galaxy. With little changes since Pravus, Vorsetous also had an cabinet to oversee and counsel the Emperor on other executive matters.

Trade Policy and Economy

Following Oderus' rise to powes, nearly all trade restrictions were lifted, allowing for free trade among the various systems. Taxation was brought to an all-time low, as Vorsetous only took what was necessary to maintain and grow his Army and Navy. With the arrival of Free Trade came an era of galactic prosperity. Due to the economic growth, Vorsetous saw very little resistance during the beginning of his reign.

Relations with the Doran Rangers

As Naboo increased its military presence, Emperor Vorsetous dealt with the system privately and removed Sado Madero from his office as Chancellor of the planet and cut off Naboo's military supply. Though agreeing to make it look like Madero had resigned, tensions grew between the Emperor and the Madero family. Luckily, as Naboo continued to prosper and the Maderos began their training of younglings, tensions eased, and a friendship slowly grew between Sado and Vorsetous. Ties between the Empire and the new Doran Rangers grew, and Valiant Madero- Sado's son- served as ambassador of the Rangers to the Empire.

In an act that eventually proved to solidify the relationship between the Vorsetous Empire and the Doran Rangers dispite initial hostility from Sado, Oderus took on Selene Madero, Sado's daughter, as his personal apprentice. Following the deaths of Aura and Sado Madero, relations continued with the Rangers via the Order's new leader Kara Cath.

Resurgence of Darth Pravus

After investigation into a serious of rebellious attacks against the Vorsetous Empire, the Emperor discovered that his thought-to-be-dead master Darth Pravus was still alive. In preparation for apossible attack on Mustafar, Emperor Vorsetous recruited Valiant and Selene Madero to aid him and his troops. This opened a perfect window for Pravus to perform his planned attack on Naboo in an effort to destroy Oderus' closest friends and eradicate the possible threat the Rangers posed to his uprising.

Though many Ranger and civilian lives were lost in the Battle of Naboo, Pravus was eventually defeated after the Sith was blasted directly with the Empire's Death Star. Unbeknownst to all, however, Pravus was able to plant a little of himself inside Valiant Madero's body during the battle. Feeding on Madero like a parasite, Pravus survived and rallied his forces on Dathomir. He made his last stand there, controlling Valiant's body until both the Sith and Ranger were destroyed by Selene Madero.

Relations with the Galactic Alliance

Following the resurgence of Darth Pravus, Aura and Sado Madero led an underground movement to form an interplanetary militia known as the Galactic Alliance in an effort to provide better and faster military action for small-scale skirmishes. Knowing if the Emperor's probable hostility toward the movement, the Alliance was kept secret from the Emperor until it surfaced to come to his aid in the Last Battle of Mandalore.

Alliance Forces proved effective in aiding the Imperial Navy in eradicating Willium Voggin and his Mandalorian Terrorists, which fact led to the Galactic Alliance being integrated into the Imperial Military as militia reserve forces. The Alliance continued operating under the Empire and soon had the support of nearly all systems within the Vorsetous Empire.

Vorsetous' Legacy

Following the death of Eath Oderus, his daughter Val took the throne.

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