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Vizun Naris was a human male born a year before the Clone Wars. Trained as a Jedi initiate, he was soon captured by the Galactic Empire and became an Imperial Inquisitor. After the collapse of the Empire, he fell in with the Sith Order of Darth Vorath before joining the Sith of his daughter Lysira Naris.


Born on Talravin a year before the Clone Wars, Vizun Naris was taken into the Jedi Order four months after his birth. Raised at the Jedi Temple as an initiate, Naris was a very impressionable child, often mimicking the traits of the Jedi Masters who taught him, such as the backwards speech of Master Yoda. When the Clone Wars came to a height in its final year, Naris and the rest of his clan were sent to a Jedi chapter house on Transel for protection. However, no more than a month later, the Jedi Order fell to the Galactic Empire and Transel was shortly invaded. The chapter house was attacked and Naris was kidnapped, being brought back to Coruscant to be raised and trained as an Imperial Inquisitor.

By 4 BBY, Vizun Naris had become a skilled Inquisitor, having successfully tracked down and executed several Jedi. When the Empire collapsed following the Battle of Endor, he fell in league with a cult that worshiped the ancient Sith Lord Darth Revan. In 9 ABY, he was approached by his fellow Inquisitor Jerec, who offered him to join the Sith Order of Darth Vorath. As the Revanite cult had lost a previous infiltrator within said Sith Order, Naris agreed and served as a double agent between the two organizations.

Two years later, Naris returned to Transel and married a fellow Revanite member, with whom he had a daughter named Lysira. When his daughter turned twelve, he took her to Dromund Kaas to be trained as a Sith acolyte. After Darth Vorath was vanquished, Naris and his daughter resumed life on Transel and eventually took up jobs within the Galactic Alliance, who were unaware of their history as Sith. Just as they were ready to accept the Sith were finished, a man known as the Revanchist recruited them into his Dark Jedi Order and gave them the task of defending the Star Map of Kashyyyk from the Glorian Empire.

During the Glorian War, Lysira left the Dark Jedi and formed a Sith Order under the name Darth Sedriss. Naris aided her in recruiting others into this new order, including his fellow Inquisitor Roon Altor. Taking on the name Darth Saivus, Naris became one of twelve Sith Masters that led the order, with the Kel Dor Xal Doon as his apprentice. A few years later however, Saivus' apprentice seceded from the order and joined Varon Krul's insurgency. When other Sith Masters started to fall at their students' hands, Saivus went into hiding, although only at his daughter's behest; he was more than willing to confront Doon and punish him for his transgression.

When Varon's insurgency failed, Sedriss' Sith Order disbanded not long after. Lysira fell off the radar and Naris did not hear from his daughter for some time. After retiring to his homeworld of Talravin, he was paid a visit by Lysira, who had brought with her her seven-year-old son Kalon. Cheered by the sight of his grandson, whom he had never been aware of until now, Naris decided to move in with them on Damosus, even after finding out that Kalon's father was none other than Varon. As such, Naris lived the rest of his life on Damosus with his family, eventually passing away at the age of 105.


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