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Viras Naq was born in the Empire to Imperial Knights Zik and Pivas Lix Naq. When Viras was old enough she was accepted into the order of the Imperial Knights. She was a fast learner.

In 1,002 ABY, Viras’ parents were killed when the Sith took over the Empire. As Viras was a very young member and only a student at the academy of the Imperial Knights, the master of the school took her and many other young students into hiding.

These Imperial Knights have been hiding in the ruins of the Jedi Temple on the Wookiee–dominated moon Alaris Prime for the past nine years. They have been waiting for a time when they can attack the Sith with immediate strength. Viras had been thinking for the past year that the only way for the Knights to restore the Empire to its former glory was to join forces with the Alliance and the Jedi.

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