Star Wars Fanon

Vions (sometimes known Force Particles) were the force carrier particles responsible for carrying the Living Force (Viism). They had no mass, but could carry various electric charges. Vions had a particle spin of 7, the highest of any particle known, which gave them unique properties.


Vions were similar to Momentons in that they permeated all of space. However, they tended to be concentrated around certain types of matter and energy. Objects with very intense energy, such as stars or black holes, were often permeated by high concentrations of vions. Similarly immensely complex chemical structures (such as those of lifeforms but also those of Kyber Crystals) were also associated with vions. Exotic forms of matter could also create intense vions. The behavoir of the vions could be changed by the objects which they surrounded and permeated. This was the reason certain life forms could use the Living Force at will.

Some of the highest concentrations of vions were found in the vicinity of midi-chlorians, and high concentrations of midi-chlorians in the bloodstream of living being or creatures could often facilitate use of the Living Force by them.


Due to the fact they were massless, vions traveled at the speed of light and had an infinite range, similar to photons and gravitons. However, their high spin also allowed vions to interact with hypermatter and enter hyperspace, and so the Living Force could sometimes be propagated at speeds faster than light. Vions were also occasionally capable of quantum tunneling, allowing the force to be propagated instantly from one end of the tunnel to the other.

Force sensitives could manipulate vions into behaving in a variety of different ways, from moving objects to releasing electromagnetic energy to reading minds. Vions could readily be used to counteract Gravity and the Weak Force, allowing users to readily move objects against the force of gravity and prevent radioactive decay. More powerful force users could also use vions to counteract Electromagnetism, and in some cases even the Strong Force and the Mass Field. A beings use of the force was believed to be limited only by the extent of that beings nervous system, with more intelligent beings being able to perform more energy demanding activities using the Living Force.