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You see, nobody can compare to my sheer brilliance and proficiency in my chosen profession...and the whiteness of my coat.

Verx Steinen was a Human microbiologist who was originally a professor in a university on Corellia. Throughout his life, he thought very highly of himself and considered himself unparalleled in his field. However, he became disgruntled with the Republic government after the senate decided that his research into stem cells was unethical, and hence he joined the CIS almost as soon as it was formed, hearing that it had no such restrictions. When the Clone Wars broke out, he was assigned to a bio-weapon project. Ultimately, his work was considered unsatisfactory, and the project was pulled, although he still tried to continue it by himself. However, his work was cut short when his lab on Felucia was overrun by clones. Verx escaped, despite suffering critical injuries in the process, but he managed to holo-fax his work to his son, before dying of excessive wounds. His work would become the basis of the Imperial ZOMG project.

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