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Vergere was a Fosh Jedi Master who served in the old Jedi Order. However, in the last years before the Clone Wars, she became the apprentice to Darth Sidious and studied opposite Count Dooku. When she saw the extent of their plans, she planned to kill Sidious and Dooku with the help of Darth Clous. However, Dooku killed Clous and although Vergere defeated Sidious, Dooku wounded her. Vergere fled and went to Zonama Sekot where she joined the Yuuzhan Vong and remained with them for years. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, she began manipulating Jacen Solo and set the ground work for his accession to Sith Lord under Lumiya. She died at Ebaq Nine, having sacrificed herself to protect Jacen and defeat the invasion force under Tsavong Lah.

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