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Verd Fett was a Human male Mandalorian who was Alor of Aliit Fett in the United Mandalorian Clans. He was good friends with his Mand'alor and Captain of the Clans (Second-in-Command) in the United Mandalorian Clans.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the planet Mandalore, Verd Fett was related to Jango and Boba somehow down the line. His father would tell him tales of great Mandalorians before him like their ancestors Jango and Boba. Jaster Mereel, Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and Verd's father all became heroes to him and he aspired to be just like them when he grew up. His mother was a loving woman who took great care of him when his father had jobs away from their little home. On one of his assignments to Geonosis, his father was killed by Geonosians. After that Verd had to take his father's place as man of the house. He started working as a bounty like Jango, Boba, and his father before him. When he was 16 he became Alor of Clan Fett and joined the United Mandalorian Clans and quickly rose through the ranks reaching Captain of the Clans, or second-in-command next to the Mand'alor. He and Clan Fett were given the planet Concord Dawn to use for a home and for reasources. He continues as the Alor of Clan Fett and every day he gets closer to his goal of becoming the most well-known, feared, and respected Fetts and Mandalorians of all time.