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Venator Furtificus was a Zeltron admiral in the military of the Alsakan Union government during the Alsakan Crisis, the war between the Alsakan Union and the Galactic Republic. In addition to this, he founded and led the criminal group named the Skeleton Guard, before merging it with another faction to form the Raider's Coalition, which he was one of the leaders of. After the Battle of Alsakan and the surrender of the Alsakan Union, Venator left to the Outer Rim of the galaxy with his wife, Meara Alahara, and new born daughter, and joined the Hutt Empire. By the time of the Hutt War, Furtificus was the Supreme Commander of the Hutt's military forces.


Early life

Venator was born in the slums of the planet Nal Hutta, to a prostitute. As such, he never knew his father. After losing her job due to her pregnancy, Venator's mother turned to alcohol and drugs like death sticks, and she eventually left him at the age of five years old. Effectively orphaned, Venator was forced to fend for himself on the planet of Nal Hutta in the Hutt Empire. Forced out onto the streets, he slept out in the open of the planet, and he had learned to defend himself effectively by the age of six. Eventually, at the age of seven, he was taken into an orphanage, after being discovered by the authorities of the planet.


A young Venator

In the orphanage, Venator and the other children were badly treated. The orphanage used beatings as punishments, often going as far as to beat the child into concussion. The orphans also had their own internal hierarchy outside of that of the orphanage, based on strength and brutality. Venator's upbringing meant that he found it easy to fight the other orphans gaining respect through physically hurting the other orphans. At the age of ten, Venator was transferred to another orphanage, where Venator found the new orphanage to be another one of the same sort as the previous one. This orphanage, however, employed child labor, which made Venator more physically strong than he had been before, although medically weak. At the age of fifteen, Venator began to make attempts at breaking free of the orphanage.

As Venator began to plan his escape from the orphanage, he reached the age of sixteen, and still remained a tenant in the home. When he reached sixteen and a half years of age, he realized he must escape, or face the next five years of his life in the orphanage. As the year progressed, Venator used tools he stole from working in the home to break a hole in his room, and slowly dig a tunnel beneath the compound's perimeter, a process that took him months. When, after three months, he broke free, he used the distraction of a fire alert to escape from the orphanage. On the streets, Venator resorted to the business of his own, namely illegal activities, once more.

On the streets

After escaping the orphanage, Venator became a pick pocket and general thief. Although Venator mainly pick pocketed purely for himself, Venator was occasionally hired to steal from a business competitor of the employer. Venator grew in skill, and became better at his job, after being caught on numerous occasions. Venator's desire for money meant that he began robbing people in alleyways, with knife and blaster. He built up a reputation as a robber, and he began to receive contracts. This business enabled Venator to buy himself a small house on Nal Hutta. Venator decided that he would construct his own crime group, dealing in thievery and mugging. After a time, Venator's crime group collapsed, and he was forced to sell his house and go back to living on the streets. Furtificus started to think of becoming more involved in crime, and decided to become a bounty hunter. He started work as a free lance bounty hunter, this gaining him credits, the currency of the galaxy.

After three years, Venator had earned enough money to buy himself a small ship and flat. Eventually, Furtificus decided that being a freelance mercenary did not pay as much as he wanted, and he decided to search for a bounty hunting group which he could join. Before he joined a group, however, Furtificus decided that he must build up some experience in the military area. As a bounty hunter, Venator discovered the Galactic Republic, the main government of the time. Having been raised on Nal Hutta, and never having had much relationship with the general world, Venator discovered the Alsakan Crisis, the war between the Republic and the Alsakan Union, another government. When Venator discovered the Republic and what he perceived to be its hypocrisy, Venator agreed to join the Alsakan Union to fight against them. Enraptured by the religion and the teachings of Shalharra, Venator became a convert to the Alsakan religion. The Vicar, leader of the Alsakan Union, a young girl named Lharra, made him a Major in the Union.

Alsakan Soldier

During his time in the Union, Furtificus created a criminal group, the Skeleton Guard, based on the planet Kalist IV, running this during the same time as his work for the Alsakan Union. After the death of the Alsakan Vicar and leader, Venator was assigned by the new leader, Van Tien, to attack the planet Ruan. In the ensuing battle, Venator's forces were successfully in bombing the planet, whilst two other Alsakan battles happened at the same time. Venator, being the only one of the three leaders to return and be successful, became one of the few remaining members of the Alsakan High Command, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After the three attacks, Grand Admiral Dakar Claudius and Furtificus had been planning the assassination of Van Tien. Many in the Union, including Dakar and Furtificus, felt that Van Tien was a poor leader, and that he could not succeed against the Republic. Luring Van Tien to a ship, the Ascendance, under the premise of having a revelation to divulge to him, the pair killed Van Tien and set up a new Vicar in his place. Although a time of civil unrest followed for the Alsakans, this was soon rectified after the Vicar placed her faith in the two men and promoted Venator to the position of Admiral, despite calls for them to be executed for murdering an Alsakan leader. In order to prove that the Vicar's faith in his abilities was justified, Furtificus volunteered to rescue the captive CDR-382 from a prison on Ord Vaug.


Venator was left as one of the only real high-ranking Alsakans capable of fighting or leading any sort of attack, after Dakar did not choose to take the mission. Due to this, he planned to rescue CDR-382 from the prison facility of the Republic on Ord Vaug, with the assistance of Alsakan Jintu Priest and spy Edona Sanctus. During the time the mission was planned, the Republic and the Alsakan Union were in the midst of a ceasefire, and so Venator was forced to use men from the Skeleton Guard, and hired bounty hunters to assist on the mission. Despite the Republic's use of Jedi Knights against his forces, the Republic base was designed to be inconspicuous, and so had few troops. This allowed Furtificus and his troops to break into the base and rescue CDR-382, despite Sanctus being forced to flee. During this time, negotiations between the Skeleton Guard and another criminal group were successful, and the group's merged to form a bigger group, the Raider's Coalition.

In response to 382's rescue, the Republic bombed the Alsakan capital Xenvaer and their holy planet Alsakan, killing many in the Union. In the wake of this, the Vicar saw no way for the Alsakans to successfully carry on fighting, and opened peace talks with the Republic that eventually saw the war ended.

Peace time

The Raider’s Coalition, by this time, had grown, and their targets had expanded. The profit they were making was considerable, and the group was one of the largest criminal groups in the galaxy. The cloud in which the Coalition’s base was situated moved, taking them towards the Outer Rim. Venator married Meara Alahara a year after the end of the Alsakan Crisis and their first child, Yael, was born within the year. Soon after the end of the war, Furtificus returned to his homeworld Nal Hutta, and he encountered the Hutt Empire.

Venator had been born and had grown up on the capital of the Hutt Empire. In the time since he’d left, the Empire had grown larger and stronger. Venator felt that he had now found an organization with the strength to prospectively wage war on the Republic, who he wanted revenge upon for defeating the Union. His standing as an Alsakan Admiral, and knowledge of the Hutt language, Huttese, allowed him gain a high place in the Hutt military. Eventually, Venator became Field Marshall of the Hutt military, Supreme Commander of the military. As the Republic began to make advances towards the Hutt Empire, provoking violence, Venator advised his superiors to wage war on the Republic, and a war eventually started between the two factions.

Personality and traits

Venator had a dangerous and unstable personality; he attacked those who angered him without much notice, as well as attacking violently, showing a short fuse. Venator also had confidence, bordering on arrogance, as he believed heavily in his abilities. Brash and fiery in his youth and rise through the Alsakan ranks, age and his wife, Meara Alahara, tempered Venator. Leading the Skeleton Guard, which later became the Raider’s Coalition, and holding a senior position in the Alsakan Union saw him gain responsibility.

Despite what was considered to be a reasonably dangerous, unstable personality, Venator also had the ability to be subtle when trying to get something from another person. Unless a friendship or relationship had already been established, Venator was quite antisocial, preferring his own company. His arrogance in his own abilities also led him to be pessimistic and skeptical of the abilities of others, believing that he could always perform something above the ability of anyone else. Venator also had a strict sense of honor; he would very rarely turn down a contract and, if he could, would try and see a contract through to the end. He was very superstitious, and believed in religion and superstition. Due to this, he carried numerous so called 'lucky' charms and amulets around.

Love was an alien concept to Venator, due to his upbringing without any family figures to “love” and without the traditional upbringing featuring women from a teenage time. Working with Meara Alahara, and sparing her life, meant that the love between the pair developed, and Venator learnt to feel the emotion. Attachment came with this, and Venator’s strict sense of honor prohibited any double dealing that would otherwise see his wife betrayed in their marriage.

Talents and abilities

Venator had a lifetime honed by war and the more villainous sides of the galaxy. He became highly persuasive and good at hiding emotions in voice and in body language from his days on the planet Nal Hutta. Possessing good aim with blaster, and skills with vibroblades, he gained such skills from his time as a bounty hunter. Venator was of reasonable intelligence, however was never schooled, and so was never academically intelligent. Venator’s time in the Alsakan Union saw his tactical ability and battle planning, as well as logistics from being an Admiral, improved and practiced as a skill.

Venator was poor at reconnaissance and in the use of grenades and mines; with grenades his accuracy was poor, with mines he didn't have the ability to place them in strategic positions. Whilst his overall stamina was good, his short distance sprinting was poor, and he could be caught, in a chase, by a fast sprinter without incredible difficulty. Venator also had trouble fighting enemies who wield lightsabers and the Force in open combat; he preferred covert assassination in such circumstances. The Force was something alien to Venator. His superstitions were often a weakness, as these could be exploited, however the fact was little known.

Behind the scenes

Venator Furtificus was the first character ever created by the author for role playing on TheStarWarsRP.Com site, and remained as his most prominent and favored character during the Alsakan timeline. Although the early life and some sections of the article are completely created from the authors imagination, a lot of the articles history was role-played on the Star Wars RP. After the timeline jump to twenty years after the Alsakan Crisis, Venator Furtificus was one of the only characters from the previous timeline that Thomas Rattim, the author, chose to carry on.

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