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I came to realize that the theory of the Jedi is nowhere as insane as any other admiral thinks.
—Vector Hex to Treuten Teradoc.

Vector Hex was a Human Male born on Centares. He was enlisted as a Republic captain, and Imperial admiral. Following the collapse of the empire, Vector carved out his own empires near the Pentastar Alignment. However, with the fracture of both empires, Vector defected to the New Republic.

Vector was an admiral in its successor state, the Galactic Federation of Free Planets. Vector however knew that the Federation was rooted with corruption, and when the Corellians broke away and formed the Confederation, Vector defected. He later retired from military service and married is wife, Maron Argo.


Joining the RepublicEdit

Vector was enlisted as a Republic captain and became part of the Open Circle Fleet, commanding the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Genesis.

Near the end of the war, Vector was granted command of a Victory-class Star Destroyer, which he named Phantom.

Imperial serviceEdit

When Order 66 happerned, Vector felt no remorse towards the Jedi Order, feeling it was what they deserved for shaking up the Galactic Republic and attempting to assassinate the Chancellor. He was, initially at least, a strong supporter of the New Order.

In 1 ABY, Vector fought during the battle of Foron, protecting it from a Rebel strike force. Afterwards, he personally oversaw the construction of Westcolt, a space station to protect the planet.

A WarlordEdit

His own EmpiresEdit

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Following the collapse of the Galactic Empire, Vector carved out his own territory and soon found himself at odds with warlords Ardus Kaine and Zsinj. It was established around the Rago system in the Outer Rim Territories, near the Pentastar Alignment.

Hex often clashed with Kaine but was significantly outnumbered by his counterpart, and not just that, Hex was unable to expand with a neighbouring warlord so close by. Several border skirmishes destroyed Hex's resources, and a small strike at Hex's capital, Rago, put an end to the Hex Union, his first empire.

In 8 ABY, when Thrawn took control of the empire, Vector offered his services to Thrawn, and once again served in the empire he had served for so long. However, it wouldn't last, for Vector was haunted by his sense of revenge against Kaine. Before long, Vector fled the empire a final time and soon formed another empire. His new empire would be made up out of unknown territories to the east of Kaine and to the north of Zsinj on a planet called Argo.

Vector quietly built up his empire, stealing resources from both his neighbours and using the planetary wealth of the planets he had managed to gather to form his empire with.

When in Zsinj's Empire fell, Vector secured a few planets in Zsinj's former territory, but was soon drawn into a brawl with the neighbouring factions, including the Pentastar Alignment.

When the Emperor took control of the empire, Vector had briefly considered offering his loyalty again, but his sense of revenge against Kaine won, and instead he prepared for war against the Pentastar Alignment. And while Ardus Kaine was part of the Imperial campaign, Hex struck the Pentastar Alignment successfully. It would however last only so long.

Not long after Kaine died during the campaign, Vector was countered by the Pentastar's much bigger military force. In rapid succession, the Pentastar strikeforce pushed back Vector's assault force until they reached Vector's capital, which was obliterated along with the majority of Vector's fleet, causing him to retreat into the Deep Core.

The Greater MaldroodEdit

After the failure of his past two empires, Vector refused to set up yet another empire, only to see it destroyed again. Instead, he went back to being a manhunter, as he had done after his first empire failed. He refused to go back to the empire, which was now led by Carnor Jax and reformed it into the supposed Crimson Empire.

However, not long after he relocated to the Deep Core, he encountered Treuten Teradoc's brother, Kosh Teradoc, and was enlisted an admiral into the Federated Teradoc Union. Hoping to have finally found a safe and secure place, Vector aided in the reconquest of Treuten's former worlds and clashed a few times with Blitzer Harrsk.

When in 12 ABY Treuten was assassinated by Natasi Daala, Vector suddenly felt insecure about his position in the Federated Teradoc Union, but retained his loyalty to Kosh Teradoc. However, less than a year later, Kosh also ended up dead, which caused the Federated Teradoc Union to disintegrate, leaving Vector stranded yet again.

As a result, Vector had contemplated defecting to the New Republic, going into hiding, continuing what's left of the Teradoc's empire, or offering his services to Daala and the United Warlord Fleets.

The New RepublicEdit

After numerous years, Hex re-emerged from his hiding place to overview the current state of the galaxy, considered a rogue Admiral by now, he attacked Imperial and Republic fleets alike, both of which he considered enforcing. However, deciding to be tired of Imperial policies, he decided to enforce the New Republic, as he planned to do starting 19 BBY.

Galactic AllianceEdit

After multiple years of serving the New Republic, he decided to retire, being to old to continue fighting. He was however called to fight for the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, the New Republic's successor, to fight the Yuuzhan Vong Empire, which he gladly accepted in defense of Our galaxy.

Swarm WarEdit

Notable battles he fought in were the battles of Khorgot, and Nexus Prime, as well later joining the eventual Swarm War against the Killiks. Most notably during the Battle of Argo V, siding with the Chiss Ascendancy in their war.

Confederation-Galactic Alliance WarEdit

Following the break-up between multiple members of the Galactic Alliance the Confederation was formed by former Galactic Alliance members. Vector Hex sided with the Jedi eventually and joined on the Confederation's side, however, following the defeat of the Confederation, Vex left the known galaxy.

Marriage and further lifeEdit

Maron Argo and Vector Hex eventually served together in one fleet due to the Hapes Consortium having fallen, and Admiral Argo willing to continue fighting for the Galactic Alliance. The pair would later hide together after the war, where they would slowly enter in a relationship based on romance.

Eventually deciding to retire, as the pair married in Chiss territory, over ten years after the war, where the Ascendancy had selected a new leader, Cserono, to replace his father.

Vector and Maron eventually had a daughter which they had named Yvon Hex, which would live to fight during the Second Imperial Civil War under Gar Stazi as part of the Galactic Alliance.

Personality and traitsEdit

Vector Hex was known to be a skilled admiral which would often feel sympathies when he wronged someone without a personal reason, which caused Hex to eventually defect to the New Republic. When his actions were justified, he was ruthless. To friends, allies, and outranking individuals, he was very respectful.