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In the Empire, it takes more courage to retreat than to advance.
—Tamaz on punishments for failure in the Empire

Vaso Tamaz was a Human male Jedi Padawan in the last years of the Galactic Republic, being born on Rendili in 34 BBY. Training under Twi'lek Jedi Master Abram Vussolini, he became known for his skill in lightsaber dueling. In 19 BBY, during the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge, he was at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, though managed to escape as the 501st Legion under Anakin Skywalker attacked it. Tamaz escaped into the sewers of the galactic capitol, though was caught within a few days by the Coruscant Guard. An Imperial Inquisitor was among his captors, since it was a Jedi they were hunting for; Chief Inquisitor Algor Besarion. The inquisitor kept Tamaz from being executed, as he saw potential in him, and took him as an apprentice. In 14 BBY, Tamaz became an inquisitor himself, after undergoing testing and several missions.


Early life and discovery


The planet Rendili, his homeworld.

Tamaz was born in 34 BBY, on the planet of Rendili, a major shipbuilding world. His father worked in the shipyards, while his mother was a technician who was employed in various facilities on the planet's surface. At the age of four, he was discovered by Jedi Master Abram Vussolini, a Twi'lek, who was on Rendili to oversee a Republic contract negotiation with the shipyard corporation. The Jedi took young Tamaz to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Tamaz later recalled that he would not have minded going even if he was old enough to seriously think about the decision at the time, as he his parents did not talk to him very often, due to their extensive work.

Jedi training

Vaso Tamaz

Tamaz during lightsaber combat training.

On Coruscant, the young Tamaz passed all of his testing, and became a Jedi Padawan. His master was Vussolini, the Twi'lek Jedi Master who discovered him on Rendili. The two spared extensively while he was on the galactic capitol. Though Tamaz had about the average Jedi's strength with the Force, he quickly proved to be a skilled duelist. Vussolini himself was the same way, being recognized as one of the best lightsaber combat instructors in the Order. Under Vussolini's instruction, Tamaz became among the top Padawan lightsaber duelists. Their training was mostly done on Coruscant, and thus he did not see much travel. When the Clone Wars broke out, Tamaz was only twelve standard years old, and thus remained at the Temple. During this time, he became a good friend of Anton Kyjar, a fellow Padawan and also a good duelist, whom he met during several training sessions. It was pleasing to his master, as he knew Tamaz was not a social person and rarely convened with others.

His training in mastery of the Force was a bit more rocky, though he managed to succeed where he needed to, if only just by the minimum. When the Clone Wars began, him and his master mostly remained on the capitol, as usual. Though as their training focused more on the Force and less on dueling, Tamaz grew more bored with the slow pace of progression. During one training session, he got reckless and accidentally let out Force Lightning, out of anger of not being able to do something correctly repeatably. His master was shocked, and temporarily suspended their training in that area. Vussolini frequently lectured him on the light and dark sides of the Force, especially on controlling anger, hoping to prevent anything like that from occurring again. During that time, Tamaz also talked with Kyjar and spared in duels with him and Kyjar's friends.

Operation Knightfall

Execute Order 66.
—Palpatine to numerous clone officers
Vaso Tamaz youth

Tamaz in 19 BBY.

In 19 BBY, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself the Galactic Emperor, and reformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire. He issued Order 66 to the Grand Army of the Republic, and that night, sent the elite clone troopers of the 501st Legion to the Jedi Temple under fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker, now known as Darth Vader. When the attack began, Tamaz was in the lower levels of the Temple, sparing with Kyjar and three other Padawans. When the group heard blaster fire coming from above, they thought it was just the training bots of some simulation or drill. However, as it grew more and intense and nearer, they decided to check it out.

Tamaz, Kyjar, and the others travelled through the corridors when they ran into a squadron of clones, who began shooting at them. After a short duel, Tamaz had slain several of troopers, and the rest of the Padawans handled the rest. None of the troopers survived. They retreated back down into lower levels, as they figured out what to do. Kyjar suggested awaiting some other Jedi, though they had not seen any on those levels. Instead, another Padawan suggested they go back to the upper levels and join into the fight, and help the others. The group got into an argument as a platoon of clone troopers burst into the room they were in, and opened fire. Two Padawans were killed at once, though Kyjar, Tamaz, and the other one fought them off, killing several troopers, before fleeing through an elevator shaft.

On the next level, they were ambushed, and Kyjar's companion was killed, though they managed to fight off the group of attackers. Tamaz suggested that they flee the Temple via the sewers, which connected to the lower most tunnels of the building. His friend agreed, and they used the elevator to get down to the lowest level. From there, they escaped outside the burning Temple. However, upon getting out, Kyjar wanted to go back, seeing the Temple in flames. Tamaz told him it was not a good idea, but Kyjar wanted to help his master, leaving him standing at the front of the tunnel entrance. The young Jedi never saw his friend again, and later found out that he died upon reaching the Temple entrance; shot by clone troopers.

In the sewers

Over the next several days, Tamaz searched for things like food and any clean water he could locate. He thought about going up into the underlevels, but never took that up, coming to the logical conclusion: that there was a planet-wide search going on for any Jedi that escaped the Temple. However, on his third day, he ran into a patrol of ten Coruscant Guard stormtroopers. They were wearing brand new all-red armor. Tamaz first tried to run, but not being able to lose them, engaged in combat. He made sure to leave no survivors. Over the next couple of days, he did the same thing as he initially tried: looking for food and water. However, clone patrols increased and were becoming harder to avoid. He had to kill more of them. He made a small camp within a power control room, where he slept and kept his few belongings. Finally, though a large platoon raided a small power control room he was holding out in. Tamaz managed to kill a few clones, though he was overpowered by an Imperial Inquisitor. That Inquisitor told the troopers to keep him alive, and took the young man to the College of Inquisition, the Inquisitors' training school.

Becoming an Inquisitor

At the college, his captor, Algor Besarion, explained to him why he had spared the young Jedi. The Chief Inquisitor wanted an apprentice, and taking former Jedi and turning them over to the dark side was something Palpatine had asked the organization to do. He saw potential in Tamaz, having killed many Imperial troops and avoided their patrols for nearly a week after escaping the massacre at the Jedi Temple. Not having much of a choice, he agreed to the proposal of becoming Besarion's apprentice. Over the next several months, they trained in the dark side of the Force. Tamaz noticed he was more skillful with this than he was back when learning from the light side. Besarion also appreciated his new apprentice's skill in dueling, who was able to even defeat him in sparing sessions several times. During this time, he was given a new lightsaber: a double-bladed red saber. Tamaz quickly took a liking to it.

Personality and traits

Skills and talents

Powers and abilities

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