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The Varino Imperium sometimes referred to as just the Imperium and even less formally as the Vi was an Imperial Splinter group, later becoming an isolationist power in the Unknown Regions. It was created not long after the Battle of Endor where the Emperors death caused the splintering of the Empire. It would never grow as powerful as some of the other warlords but was secure due to the nature of the Unknown Regions, though it also had issues with the same issues others who came to the Unknown Regions would encounter.



After the Battle of Endor, with the Fourth fleet having nowhere to go, they returned toNaboo where they had been stationed prior to the defeat. This is where the people present would sign what would become known as the Imperium Agreement gathered. These would include Adrian Varino II, Drial Callius, Augustus Valerin, and Tyler Vale, who would make up the high command of the Varino Imperium during the trying time that was the Imperial Civil War. After they had signed this agreement they would leave Naboo. They would after urging by Drial Callius begin to make a move toward the Unknown Regions. This would lead to a skirmish on Ilum and the beginning of colonization of the Cerci System.


After the Yuuzhan Vong war, the Imperium would enter a long isolationist period.

Coming out of Isolation

In 100 ABY the Cerci IV Drive Yards and Cybe Drives worked together to create the Warhammer-Class heavy cruiser, leading to the first contact made with someone outside of the Cerci System . As well as the Jedi Taw-Aet Menndal being recruited from within the borders of the Varino Imperium.

Coming to the Infinity War

During the time before the Infinity War the Varino Imperium allied itself with the Federation of Free Planets. As the time drew closer the Varino Imperium witnessed a surge in patriotism. The Varino Imperiums Imperatus at the time Adrian Varino VI after his fathers resignation in 125 ABY, began to update the military to being more up to date, including dealings with Cybe Drives and the expansion of Cerci IV Drive Yards.   . In 131 ABY Adrian Varino VI was assassinated, and his son Adrian Varino VII took power. Adrian Varino VII had his grandfather advise his situation as his father was assassinated. During these years the peace that had lasted in the varino imperium for 50 years was beginning to be believed to be worn out as paranoia over a possible war began. In 141 ABY a man named Rawn Talon appeared in front of the Cha'Halian council to request the meeting of the Imperatus Adrian Varino VII. Also by this time the Galactic Disarmament Act was passed and effected the Varino Imperium albeit it was rarely inforced in this region so the military was not disarmed at all and actually saw a upsurge of volunteers. The Cha'Halian had organized the meeting for the next opening in 146 ABY at which point they would meet due to the large number of meetings and events the Imperatus must attend.

The Infinity War

During the Infinity War the Varino Imperium participated as an ally to the Federation of Free Planets until 146 ABY when it became a member of Dark Reach.

The Siege of Cybe

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The Siege of Cybe was the first battle of the Infinity War that the Varino Imperium participated in. It was won however at a high cost to both sides. The Varino Imperium at this time was fighting as an Ally to the Federation of Free Planets. They and the Federation fought valiantly in orbit.

Battle of Coruscant

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This battle was a great defeat to the Federation of Free Planets and its Ally the Varino Imperium and during the battle the Admiral of the Fleet Arcarius Varino IV was captured in a boarding. It also resulted in the loss of many of the Imperiums Navy led by Arcarius.

Incursion of Yavin

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The Incursion of Yavin, was a Major Success in the eyes of the Federation of Free Planets due to it resuliting in the loss of Yavin IV by Dark Reach and a Truce with the Imperial Confederation (Nicktc). However the losses from Coruscant, still had affected the fleet and military at the planet.

Battle of Naboo

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The Battle of Naboo, though unoffically, was on the side of the Naboo Revolutionaries were supported by the Varino Imperium with Very limited Amounts of Agents on the field lending their assistance. This also marks the first battle the Varino Imperium was in as a Dark Reach member. Though the Federation officially won the Battle, Dark Reach came out with a Tactical Victory over them.

The Military

The Varino Imperium Navy

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