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The Varino-class Star Destroyer was a star destroyer produced by the Cerci IV Drive Yards. It was used up until the very end of the Varino Imperiums existence. It is named the Varino Family. It was created as a replacement for the aging Imperial I and Imperial II Star Destroyers as they slowly were breaking down and being constantly sent to the shipyard for repairs while continuing the trend of the Varino Imperium's navy shift toward larger ships.


The Varino-class Star Destroyer, though more accurately in the Anaxes War College System as a Battlecruiser, was the Varino Imperiums attempt to ascertain what the galaxy's tech was developing into without outside help, with the influence of the Galactic Empire and the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer being to the Cercillian engineers an exemplary piece that would become that of the future ship design. Thus the Varino-class was the exemplar of these ambitions, albeit smaller as it was to serve as a mass-producible ship. These ships followed the wedge shape of the older Imperial patterns of Star Destroyers, though its bridge would be smaller and in a central position with gun platforms to the rear to account for a perceived shortcoming of the Imperial Star Destroyers. It also had a small ventral bridge or observation tower. Alongside this its weapons were equally distributed on the ventral and dorsal planes of the ship. The shield generators were a direct upgrade to the older ISD shields. It also was equipped with backup shield generators with slightly less power output. It had powerful engines allowing it to be moved at a quick pace for its size, though the power production for these and all the other systems led to much larger power generators and less space for more ancillary systems. It also was lacking in advancements of the computer systems, still relying on systems from the Yuuzhan Vong War and a lack of automation leading to a large crew. It did have a large range of docking bays and hangar bays and could serve in the capacity of a carrier.

It did experience minor modernizations prior to the Infinity War largely replacing aged computer systems and trying to fix some issues, however the Galactic Disarmament Act hindered this, and the Imperium was forced to mothball its entire fleet and as such most modernization programs were cut prematurely so e few ships benefited from these upgrades. Similar plans for replacing the ship were hindered by the same act.

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