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The Vall`to sector was an area of space in the Unknown Regions bordering the Mezlag sector. Along with the Xoquon sector, it was one of the three sectors governed by the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob until the Great Liberation, when it was conquered by the Golden Empire.

Unlike the rest of the Tetrarchy, the Vall`to sector featured worlds which had been occupied by settlers from the Core Worlds centuries or millennia before the Tetrarchy found them. It was the only sector in the Tetrarchy to have as natives such galactically common species as Humans, Bothans, and Duros.

The Vall`to sector was also home to the Vall`to Sector Bank, the most powerful financial institution of both the Tetrarchy and the Empire.

Major worlds

  • Vall`to, sector capital and home of the Vall`to Sector Bank
  • Baes, Tetrarchy military depot and later Royal shipyard

Other worlds

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